Man places sort 2 diabetes into remission 23 years since prognosis


A man who has been obese all his adult life has put his type 2 diabetes into remission after 23 years since he completely revamped his lifestyle.

Last year, David Williams was referred to the award-winning low carb program by his family doctor when he was unable to continue treating his type 2 diabetes.

He said, “The low carb program has been almost life saving for me and certainly life improving. It has brought about a major paradigm shift in my lifestyle and attitudes that I know will continue for the rest of my life. I share my story in the hope that it will inspire others to begin the journey. “

Before joining the program, the 65-year-old had suffered from triple bypass surgery of the coronary artery in 2007 and had a pacemaker attached.

Always struggling with his weight, David said when he was a kid he comforted and in his youth he started smoking and did not exercise.

He said, “In my twenties I also got used to excessive drinking, going out at night and getting something to take with me to watch TV before bed. As a chubby, friendly guy, I had a lot of friends but not serious girlfriends as my overweight appearance and attitude meant that I and others weren’t taken too seriously. “

Knowing that he had to do something, David gradually stopped eating red meat, consuming sweets, and abstaining from alcohol over the years. He also started swimming.

He said, “I’ve also participated in countless weight management programs that have had some impact, but never enough to get me below the ‘obese’ threshold.”

But it wasn’t until he signed up for the low carb program that David saw some significant improvements. After attending a 12-week low-carbohydrate boot camp, David was clinically diagnosed with remission from type 2 diabetes.

“For the first time, the low carb program brought a paradigm shift, I am no longer obese and I think that a permanent change is possible for me.

“I eat a wide variety of foods, including lots of leafy vegetables, chicken, cheese, berries, cream, and fish that I like. I’ve learned to cut carbs to low levels and, remarkably, it works.

“If you recognize any of my traits and my life’s journey in your own experience, please look for and follow the signs before you become diabetic, need major surgery, or have to live with huge bags of medication or daily injections.

“Without carbohydrates, life can be much richer and more satisfying! Try it! After all, life can be so much richer with fewer carbohydrates and fewer drugs. Be nice to yourself too. There will be blips along the way, but it’s only blips. “