Mayaro cellphone snatcher held by health group


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A 20-year-old Sea Lots man was arrested Saturday after he was caught by members of a fitness group in Mayaro after stealing three cell phones from the group.

According to police, the man, who also has an address on Charm Road, Mayaro, grabbed a fitness trainer’s cell phone along with two other cell phones and ran away.

Police said at around 9 a.m. the victim, who runs a fitness group in Maloney, was on Mayaro Beach when the thief snatched his cell phone. The suspect also grabbed two other cell phones from other members of the group while running away. The PE teacher alerted when he picked up behind the man. Practice group members joined the persecution and detained the man.

Police said the suspect suffered “minor abrasions” during the incident and vomited to PC Boodoosingh. He was taken to the district health center for treatment before being taken to the Mayaro Police Station. The three cell phones were recovered.