Meet the physician who has been serving diabetes sufferers through the pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed has confined us all to the safety of our homes. However, every day, millions of frontline workers, including doctors, nurses, and medical staff, are putting their lives at risk to serve others. Was among them Dr. M Wasim Ghori.

Dr. Ghori, who works as medical director and consulting diabetologist in a chain of specialist heart and diabetes clinics in Mumbai, helps people with type 2 diabetes and helps them manage their own health to avoid long-term complications. He started with Healthcare on Your Fingertips – a WhatsApp messaging initiative to educate and raise awareness among patients, delivering bite-sized health nuggets to people every morning that they can access anytime, anywhere.

Dr. Ghori advocated the power of art in healing. This is a painting by his wife, Zubia Wasim

When the pandemic broke out, he decided to return to the front lines to offer help where it was needed most. Dr. Ghori also volunteered on the front lines to care for dialysis patients and make sure they were getting the best treatment.

“I used my personal, professional and social network, worked with other health professionals, and helped the public and government formulate it Measures to address the challenges posed by COVID-19,Says Dr. Ghori.

He also drew attention to the importance of physical distancing, hand washing, use of disinfectants and face masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in radio calls, newspaper articles and online meetings.

Art to heal

As part of the “Quarantine Art Initiative” he drew attention to the virus through art created by his wife Zubia Ghori. An artist whose works were shortlisted in the event “United Against CORONA-Express Through Art” organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to express his solidarity with the people in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Says Ghori, “I’ve always believed in the power of visual art to fight negativity and despair. At a time when there is constant negative news, I thought so People should create something positive and not just listen passively to the stories of doom. ”

He says the Indian health care system is increasingly recognizing the role of art in healing. “It is an innovative concept that brings together the visual arts, healthcare and the healing potential of artistic interventions in medical care in India.

“By integrating the healing powers of art and medicine, I aim to make a meaningful contribution to improving the health, wellbeing and experiences for patients, service users and employees in health care facilities in India, and driving innovation in health design, services and spaces,” says Dr. Ghori.Dr.  Ghori

Holistic healing

In 2018, Dr. Ghori partnered with a US-based healthcare technology company to create a new way of working with people at high risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and diabetes.

He says, “Primary prevention of diabetes is paramount in both developed and developing countries. The use of mobile technology to provide education, treatment goals, advice, support, motivation and Promote sustainable lifestyle changes to prevent type 2 diabetes and its complications Not only in India but in other countries is the key to achieving this goal. “

“The growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes requires urgent and coordinated attention. Approaches that aim solely at individual behavior change in clinical settings are likely to prove inadequate. On the other hand, improvements in policy and environmental factors would predispose, enable, and reinforce healthier diets and more active lifestyles for widespread and sustained behavioral changes. “

“Together, let’s raise awareness of the impact diabetes has on the family and promote the role of the family and lifestyle changes in the treatment, care, prevention and education of the disease,” says Dr. Ghori.

For his continued efforts to give duties to society and the country during the lockdown, Dr. Ghori as “Corona warriors‘by the Governor of Maharashtra, Bhagat Singh Koshyari. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was named “Most Distinguished Alumni from.” By his alma mater, London South Bank University, UK, for his positive impact on communities and helping patients and those affected during the Covid-19 pandemic India “excellent.