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Milind Soman and mom Usha Soman are giving all health enthusiasts a run for their money and raising the bar for fitness goals by killing calories with squats

fromZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

From the oldest woman to have completed the Sandakphu Trek to push-ups even at the age of 81, Milind Soman’s mother Usha Soman often leaves the internet with her contagious exercise energy and this Sunday was no different. The mom-and-son duo gave all the health enthusiasts a run for their money and raised the bar for fitness goals as they squashed calories through joint squats and that’s the only workout motivation we need this Sunday.

Milind recorded his social media address and shared a video that immediately encouraged us to live healthier lifestyles. The video showed Milind and Usha standing barefoot in their living room, turning to fans as part of a collaboration, holding their hands outward as they nailed 10 squats together.

Milind wore a casual blue crew neck tee and paired his athleisure look with gray shorts, while his mom wore a simple printed kurti paired with a white salwar. The duo cheered with a high-five and encouraged fans to begin their fitness journey with their parents or seniors.

Milind titled the video: “There is no obstacle to staying fit !! What better example than this to prove it? (sic). “



Strengthening our lower body including buttocks and legs is crucial as they keep us moving throughout the day. Squats help prevent injury by activating smaller muscles to balance the body. It also increases stability by improving imbalances, building lower body strength, toning the legs and buttocks, and strengthening the core muscles.

Aside from correcting muscle imbalances, leg exercises help with recovery from injury and even treat chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. In addition, they tone the body, melt belly fat, and increase stability and strength.

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