Mississippi man runs miles to boost consciousness for diabetes


CANTON, miss. (WJTV) – For nearly a decade, Zane Hodge has raised money for the Diabetes Foundation in Mississippi through a variety of extreme physical challenges.

“I’ve been swimming for ten years. I called it the Chitco Challenge. I would go swimming in Lake Chitco in Lake Village Arkansas. I just wanted a different challenge this year. “

And it’s a challenge indeed – run 107.8 miles.

“I got the idea to run from my home in Greenwood to their office in Ridgeland. After the first day, I couldn’t run anymore. After the second day I couldn’t walk anymore. Now I’m on my bike, hoping I can bike all the way down there because I can probably only go four or five miles on crutches, ”said Hodge.

He said his goal was to raise awareness about diabetes. The philanthropist knows all too well about the dangers of disease.

“It killed my mother, for one, and I pastored a church in a small delta town called Moorhead for many years. I buried the whole church one by one. For many of them, diabetes was a major contributor to their death. I’ve seen it so many times over the years what we did to my mother. People don’t take it seriously, they call it a little sugar, but there is something sweet about diabetes, ”Hodge said.

He also expects to reach his destination at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, and that is the Ridgeland office for the Diabetes Foundation of Music.