Morton health heart hosts annual “scale smashing” occasion to advertise a wholesome mindset


MORTON (HOI) — Some gyms and fitness centers offer unique ways to challenge their members, but a location in Morton gives visitors a chance to really break out.

BRelentless Training and Sports Performance held its second annual “Smashing the Scales” event on Saturday.

Members said goodbye to their scales and an unhealthy mindset.

Owner Justin Bolkema says today’s diet culture has resulted in people forming unhealthy relationships with their Libra.

He believes that health, when viewed as a lifestyle rather than a number, can change the way people view themselves and their habits.

“We just have to separate the word ‘weight’ from ‘health’. These scales have followed our lives long enough – they absolutely do not reflect your actual health,” said Bolkema. “Today people have the option to bring in their scales and just hit them with a sledgehammer and smash them into a million pieces.”

Bolkema says he designed his gym to be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a modern version of physical fitness.

He says that events like this are the most important thing to achieve your health goal.