Most Common Wholesome Recipes of 2020 From Our Archives


H.At Well + Good HQ, our mission is to help people on their health trips as best we can. This includes engaging experts to share science-based tips on reducing inflammation, highlight differences in access to health care, and discover the latest life-changing alternative milk. Another part of it is that it helps you figure out what the hell to eat. That’s why we publish so many recipes. Plant-based, gluten-free, low-sugar … whatever your recipe hunting focus is, we have it.

If you’re curious about which recipes Well + Good readers have been looking for the most, look no further than this list. The following 10 are our favorite healthy recipes for 2020 based on how many people read them. Bookmark this page and come back to it if you need a little meal preparation inspection.

Read on to see our 10 most popular healthy recipes of 2020.


1. Sleepy vegan ice cream

The favorite recipe of the year? Ice. But not just any ice cream. This recipe is dairy-free and also contains chamomile, an herb that prepares the body for sleep. Sure, you could make yourself a trustworthy cup of chamomile tea, but let’s face it, it’s much more fun to enjoy in ice form.

Photo: Stocksy / Paperclip

The second most popular healthy recipe of 2020 is … ice cream too! Only two ingredients are required: frozen blueberries and alternative milk. Yes it literally is.

Get the Recipe: Vegan Blueberry Rice


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3. Protein-rich, brain-boosting trail mix

To blame for Zoom fatigue, the stress of balancing work from home with parenting duties, or just the general exhaustion of going through this year, but the need for quick snacks to fight brain fog was high. This nootropic blend of cordyceps mushrooms and rosemary, both of which are linked to boosting cognitive function, came to the rescue.

Candice Kumai Berry Smoothie with SpinachPhoto: Candice Kumai / Getty Images

Waking up to things on your to-do list that are already on your mind can lead to an urge to get back to business as soon as possible, which often means skipping breakfast. But this smoothie is so easy to make that you don’t have to choose between work and a morning meal – and you can sip it while you power up your day. Made from blueberries and spinach, it’s full of fiber, which is great news for your colon.

Get the Recipe: Intestinal Healthy Berry Smoothie

anti-inflammatory foodPhoto: Getty Images / nzfhatipoglu

Do you remember traveling A Well + Good editor snuck on a trip to India before the pandemic and came back with a recipe she repeats year-round: lentil and spinach stew cooked with vegetable broth, turmeric, cardamom, onion, and garlic. Every ingredient is packed with health benefits – and 100 percent vegan.

Get the Recipe: Anti-Inflammatory Lentils and Vegetables

Bean toast recipePhoto: Stocksy / Natasa Mandic

Step aside avocado toast, a new twist that was number one in 2020. This white bean, garlic and tomato Tuscan toast was an all-time favorite with Well + Good readers this year. It is suitable as a hearty breakfast, snack or dinner side. Bonus: It’s budget friendly and quick to do too.

Get the Recipe: High Fiber Toastan Toast

Cookie Dough BreadPhoto: Lilsipper

Lots of bread was baked during the quarantine this year (sourdough, cloud, banana, etc.) but this cookie dough bread was a reader favorite. Made from cashew butter, it’s also high in protein.

Get the Recipe: Cookie Dough Bread

Apple smoothie recipePhoto: Molly Kumar; Art: W + G Kreativ

Smoothies are a breeze for breakfast or snacks in the summer, but mixing something that will satisfy cravings in the fall or winter is a little trickier. The secret? Like this recipe, use warming spices like turmeric and ginger. The end result is a smoothie that looks like an apple pie with a little kick.

Get the Recipe: Turmeric, Ginger, and Apple Smoothie

mexican stewPhoto: Bethany Ugarte

With the exception of Indian lentils and vegetables to fight inflammation, this vegan Mexican stew was the dinner recipe that Well + Good readers loved the most in 2020. It consists of just seven ingredients that you most likely already have in your pantry.

Get the Recipe: Vegan Mexican Stew

Oatmeal Bar RecipePhoto: Maja Smend

Made by a runner, a registered nutritionist, and the author of Cook, Eat, Run, Charlie Watson, RD, this recipe was popular with Well + Good readers as a delicious pre-start fuel. But non-runners can also benefit from the protein and fiber that are burned into these oatmeal bars. Made with blueberries, raspberries, and cinnamon, you might want a piece for dessert too.

Get the Recipe: Oatmeal Bar

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