MOXE Releases New Line of Nasal Inhalers with Important Oils


The new nasal inhalers can help relieve constipation and symptoms related to seasonal allergies

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2021 / Josh Matzkin, CEO of MOXĒ, is pleased to announce the launch of a new line of essential oil nasal inhalers.

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As a company spokesperson noted, MOXĒ ‘s new essential oil nasal inhalers are designed to help fight allergies, relieve constipation and help people breathe better. They contain 100 percent essential oils, contain no toxins, are made without animal testing and are made here in the USA

The founders of MOXĒ know that people with allergies and congestion problems do not always have the time to sit next to a diffuser at home. This inspired the MOXĒ team to develop and launch the new line of essential oil nasal inhalers that can help alleviate symptoms and give people the benefits of aromatherapy no matter where they are.

“We were looking for a natural solution to everyday problems rather than resorting to over-the-counter drugs and overpowering supplements, which often contain an inordinate amount of hidden ingredients,” said Matzkin.

The new essential oil inhalers are fortified with natural essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus. As the speaker noted, they fit in a pocket and can be used virtually anywhere.

“Just unscrew the tip of your essential oil inhaler, hold it near your nose, and take a deep breath. As the essential oils move through you, you reap the benefits of the soothing essential oils that work their way into your mind and body, ”noted the speaker. Add that each inhaler lasts for months.

MOXĒ currently offers eight different bespoke essential oil nasal inhalers curated to support the everyday needs of many people, such as congestion support and the need for better sleep. These blends include Breathe, made from peppermint, eucalyptus, and other natural ingredients, and Peace, a fragrance with bergamot, tangerine, and more.

About MOXĒ:

MOXĒ has set itself the goal of offering relaxing organic products that help people in everyday life. Day after day, be it due to sinus or congestion problems or just in everyday life, people need something that will help take the edge off. And that’s the intent with MOXĒ aromatherapy products to help reduce the spiciness. Essential oil products naturally made for humans to help everyone regain their mindset and space. Further information can be found at

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