Nationwide “Youngster Vitamin” week within the wiregrass | WDHN


HARTFORD, Ala. (WDHN)—This is “Child Nutrition” week. Yet all year long, the federal government supports young children receiving a balanced diet of meats, vegetables, and grains.
Southeast Alabama Community Action program that works to ensure that daycares, pre-schools, and group homes are “using” those government funds for local kids’ healthy eating.

Lester and Melinda Williams operate Our Babies Christian Childcare in Hartford. This facility like daycares,
and group homes statewide and across the nation receive US Department of Agriculture funds
To ensure proper nutrition for children before starting school.

At this particular daycare, defraying some of the food expense helps the children nutritionally and save’s
parent’s money on day care.

Williams says “It takes away from the parent like I say and make sure the USDA comes down is getting a healthy meal. If they are allergic to anything. They get a substitute
food, they get it. That they don’t go without any meals along the way.”

Southeast Community Action personnel “oversee” the food program for eight wiregrass counties.

Regena Adams says “with our program, we make sure their components are correct. The food that they serve is appropriate and serve each meal at the time they say it will be served.”