Need to strive ‘jinx-removing’ important oil from the 1920s or rosewater from the ‘60s? Kiehl’s has you set


Kiehl’s is a 170 year old brand from CULT New York and was bought by L’Oréal in 2000. The world has not been the same since then. Coveted celebrity secrets (Carolyn Bessette Kennedy is said to have adored her cream with Silk Groom, among others) can now appear on bedside tables around the world – including yours if you play your cards right on May 27th.

To celebrate 170 years of beauty, the brand will be releasing the Limited Edition Heritage Collection, which will revitalize some of their earlier products for the 170th anniversary. These include Heritage French Rosewater Toner from the 1960s (230 ml, P2.250), Essence Oils in Love-Luring, Fortune Seeking and Jinx-Removing from the 20s (10 ml, P1.700) as well as Glycerin Scented and Unscented Soaps (140 g, P950).

The brand presented the gold and white packaging of its bestsellers for the anniversary commemorative collection at a press conference last week. These include the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner, the Ultra Facial Cream, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and the creamy eye treatment with avocado.

Camille Cannella, Vice President, Global Education and Customer Experience at Kiehl’s, spoke about how the company has managed to last 170 years. “It’s about help,” she said. “Regardless of the trends, we are returning to healthier skin.”

“I see myself as in the people business: learning and growing with people and sharing stories. These are the things that have driven Kiehl over the years, ”she said during the press conference.

Lazada Super Brand Day is held on May 27th, where savings are made on favorite serums and other beauty products. For pre-orders, you can get an artificial leather bag with 14 ml of your Ultra Facial Cream if the sets are ordered in advance by 23:00 on May 26th. The sets contain the Clear Skin Set, the Glowy Skin Set (with the cult favorite Midnight Recovery Concentrate). the Young Skin Set and the Fresh and Makel-Free Complete Skin Set. Most of the prices of the sets will be reduced (for example, the Young Skin Set with the line-reducing concentrate is sold at a price of 4,900 pesetas compared to the original price of 6,450 pesetas). – – JLG