Neena Gupta Is On A South Indian Cooking Spree And We Have The Recipes


Actress Neena Gupta has impressed movie lovers around the world with her acting skills. Now she seems to be taking the internet by storm with her culinary skills. The actress is waiting for the release of her film ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’ and has enjoyed quite a bit of cooking in the recent past. After getting Instagram users to drool over a picture of a tasty Suji appe, Neena is back with the same South Indian delicacy, but with a healthy twist. This time she had tried Moong Dal Appe. While Suji Appe is high in protein and fiber thanks to the semolina, the Moong Dal version is just as nutritious. “Aaj Moong Dal Appe,” wrote the actress in her Instagram story. Look here:

Neena Gupta made another nice game of the South Indian favorite appe.

Moong Dal Appe is high in protein and fiber and can be easily rustled in the kitchen in no time. Is it also a healthier snack option compared to fried samosa and kachoris since moong dal is high in vitamins A, B, C, and E? also helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Appe is traditionally made with leftover idli or dosa batter and is the perfect dish to combine with sambar or chutney. The spongy delicacy is known as paniyaram, paddu, guliappa, gulittu, gundponglu, and ponganalu in various parts of south India and is eaten either for breakfast or as an evening snack with tea. Click here for the full Moong Dal Appe recipe.

While we’d like to get our hands on Neena Gupta’s recipe, we have our own version designed to help you rustle up some soft apples in the blink of an eye. For our version we used Moong Dal and Urad Dal as the main ingredients. With just a pinch of baking powder and salt, the recipe uses onions, green chilies, coriander leaves, and shredded coconut to create authentic South Indian flavors.

We recommend that you combine the hot appetite with some green chutney or sambar. You can check out the recipe here.

If you prefer your apple to be made out of rice, you can too. To save time, you can replace the fermented rice with rice flour. This can be paired with oats and sooji to add fiber and crispness. For this recipe we combined the humble appe with some flavorful South Indian gunpowder. The versatility of the apple allows it to be paired well with a range of side dishes, from Indian curries to oriental sauces. Here is the full recipe.

You can also add a touch of street food magic to the dish by trying the Appe Kachori recipe with ingredients like boiled potatoes, rice flour, green chilies, ginger, red chili powder, cumin powder and ajwain. Check out the recipe here.

Or, you can even use the simple veggie appen recipe that uses leftover greens to make a healthy meal. You can find the recipe here.

No matter what your tastes, there is an appen recipe waiting to be tried. Let us know your favorite version in the comments section.