New Health Membership Opens At Stamford City Heart Mall


STAMFORD, CT – J. Luppino Fitness, a new health club located on level four of the Stamford Town Center shopping mall, made its gentle opening on February 6th.

Near Macy’s, in the room that previously housed the mall’s Apple Store, owner Jhonnatan Luppino said it was amazing to finally be open to customers.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” said Luppino, “and seeing it come true was surreal. I can’t wait to share my personal playground and passion for fitness with new clients.”

He also noted that customers can get their first class for free in addition to free in-person training with no membership required. While the fitness center offers membership options, customers don’t need to become a member to purchase classes and personal workouts.

“The benefit of membership is that you get unlimited courses and one-on-one training per month, as well as guest cards,” said Luppino. “It doesn’t cost you anything to try something new. You can’t beat that and you have nothing to lose, but I promise you won’t be disappointed and you won’t want to come back for more.”

Luppino originally planned to open the club last year, but the project was delayed due to the coronavirus crisis.

“COVID-19 has presented the process with many challenges and delays in recent months,” said Luppino, “but it has made it all the more rewarding to finally be open.”

The club has a number of fun events planned right now, including a Valentine’s Day obstacle course class where customers can “challenge their Valentine’s Day” and a boxing class in the dark with a live DJ.

For more information on the club’s events and more, please visit

The opening adds another store to the mall, which has closed a number of stores over the past year, including recently Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle.

Last month, Stamford director of economic development Thomas Madden said he and Mayor David Martin had recently met with Safavieh, a carpet and furnishings company that bought the mall in October, and they were both excited about some of the changes planned, that were planned for the mall.

“The mall is an asset that supports development in Stamford and Stamford [the city’s] South End, “Madden said in January, noting the transition to new home owners will help with mall rental.

Patch reached out to the Stamford Chamber of Commerce and the city’s Economic Development Office for more information.