New Nook presents Pilates, Lagree health


Corner Studio Pilates and Lagree officially opened on May 3rd, offering traditional Pilates equipment training and fitness for the Lagree Megaformer group. The new studio on the corner of Mack Avenue and Loraine in Grosse Pointe City exudes the same sunny atmosphere as its sister studio in Broadstone, which is equipped with brand new equipment and houses familiar and new corner trainers, all of whom are Lagree certified.

The enthusiasm for Lagree is anything but new. The Megaformer – a Pilates-inspired exercise machine that uses springs and cables to shape, strengthen and improve balance with the added element of cardio – was launched back in 2010. A few years and many models later, the Megaformer remains a pioneer. And the hype is real.

“The biggest advantage of Lagree is that it is a high-intensity, very low-impact workout, making it a highly adaptable workout for everyone,” explains corner coach Ally Ranville.

For those who want exercise that is easy on the joints without compromising the sweat factor, says Ranville, “The combination of resistance, core, slow-twitch muscles, and mind-body connection makes Lagree a great option.”

Customers who are familiar with Pilates can know what to expect from the way the machine works. Trainer Nancy Blake notes, however, that the similarities between traditional Pilates machines and the Lagree Megaformer are minimal.

Put simply, “Lagree gives you low-impact, high-intensity workouts while Pilates gives you low-impact, high-intensity workouts,” she says.

Blake insists that Pilates is still an excellent way to strengthen and sculpt the body while improving endurance and balance. The Lagree Megaformer, however, adds the extra cardio that also increases the heart rate.

“Lagree can definitely give you that whole body burn and make your muscles shake!” She says.

For clients who are new to “spring workouts,” Blake recommends that Pilates Reformer is a good place to start. “I love both workouts and I think they complement each other well.”

Before you try it, consider a few tips: Blake advises clients to hydrate, show up a few minutes before class to get settled, and take breaks throughout the class.

“The stronger you get, the longer you can hold that ‘time under tension’ and keep the springs tight,” she says.

Adds Ranville, “Release any preconceived fears about the appearance of the machine – it’s not as scary as it seems!”

The Corner has a variety of pricing options to choose from, including the ideal option for beginners – three weeks unlimited for $ 119. Buy membership, classes, and packages in The Corner Studio app. More information is available at