New programme tackling kind 2 Diabetes and weight problems in Havant | Meridian


  • Report by Sally Simmonds of ITV News Meridian:

A doctor who has managed to reverse his own diabetes says he is determined to help others.

Donal Collins was upset when he was diagnosed two years ago. Now he’s rolling out a program starting in Havant to combat the rising rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes that are negatively affecting outcomes with Covid. We meet the people who will benefit from this plan.

Lisa lost a stone since Christmas

A cheese and bacon burger, sweet potato fries, lettuce and coleslaw were Lisa’s dinner on her new diet last night. She lost a stone since Christmas.

I lost world weight, Weight Watcher, I was on the South Beach Diet when it was years ago. I’ve been on a diet for most of my life, but it works.

Lisa Fuge

It was a terrible moment a few years ago when I felt tired and sluggish. I went and got my blood done and it gave me a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Donal Collins, Medical Director – Barlow Collins

The former general practitioner picked up Parkrun and ate less, but failed to lower his blood sugar. So he did a lot of research and found a solution.

  • Dr. Donal Collins, Medical Director – Barlow Collins:

Donal introduces a support program at the Homewell practice in Havant, in which diabetes and obesity rates are above national levels and which were first tried and tested by employees.

Donal introduces a support program in the Homewell practice in Havant

  • Dr. Dominic Davis, GP Partner – Homewell Practice:

Success would make a big difference to obese and diabetic patients getting Covid-19.

If you are hospitalized with Covid and have type 2 diabetes, the chances that you will do really bad are 50% higher.

Dr. Donal Collins, Medical Director – Barlow Collins

After a life of counting calories, Lisa is enjoying her food and feeling the health benefits.For more information on the plan, see click here.