NGPT and Health in Bloomington providing a four-week boot camp – WBIW


BLOOMINGTON – NGPT and Fitness in Bloomington offer a four-week bootcamp that includes a personalized, bespoke meal plan and daily accountability coaching and fitness classes.

The cost to attend boot camp is $ 250. Boot camp starts on May 10th.

“The pandemic has hit everyone hard, including our physical fitness and eating habits,” said Kerri Hojem.

Kerri Hojem

The gym also offers unlimited group fitness classes, open gym access, personal training, and more.

“We are not a healthy nation in many ways. We could all move a little more and eat a little better regardless of COVID, but starting an exercise program can be intimidating. Just going back into the world can be intimidating. “Hojem added. “Let us help you regain the wellbeing that took a year or more of sedentary life.”

The gym is on the south side of Bloomington at 5008 South Rogers Street.

For more information and to register for the bootcamp, visit

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