NGS increasing in US with dietary shakes


This is in addition to the recent takeover of the KidzShake brand from Ausmerica Wellness Services, LLC to expand the product portfolio of complementary nutritional solutions specifically for children.

Key to this US company, NGS signed a supplier agreement with US medical distributor Independent Medical Co-op, Inc. (IMCO) to distribute Healthy Height, whose patented protein shake has been clinically proven to improve the height of children .

Healthy Height was developed and tested by paediatricians as a holistic solution for feeding growing children aged 3 to 9 years. It also supports the diet of picky eaters. Healthy Height is already established in the US market as a complementary solution for child growth. It contains 12g of whey protein per serving as well as other high quality ingredients and no additives. It’s gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, and contains 350 mg of the essential amino acid arginine per serving. It is also low in sugar and sodium.

The agreement gives NGS access to IMCO’s healthcare network, which includes homecare and independent pharmacies in the United States. Under the agreement, NGS will leverage IMCO’s sales, marketing and logistics platforms while the two companies launch a joint campaign to raise product awareness among the IMCO member network.

Healthy Height should be available for distribution in the first quarter of 2021.

Image: NGS

“The US is an important growth market for NGS,” said Liron Fendell, Managing Director and CEO of NGS.

“Access to the established IMCO sales network in connection with 40 years of experience in sales and marketing offers a new and important sales channel that complements our existing online channel for marketing our products.”

NGS ‘recent acquisition of KidzShake was a strategic step in developing the pediatric nutritional portfolio with solutions that can address the broader range of children’s nutritional needs.

“KidzShake offers a variety of high quality nutritional drinks for children, including a vegan option. It fits our portfolio perfectly, ”said Fendell.

KidzShake was founded by a US-based Australian doctor to develop a nutrient-dense product that could help fill the nutritional gaps in children caused by an unbalanced and incomplete diet – a void often caused by picky food. The vegan version of KidzShake is made from pumpkin, hemp and pea protein and enriched with fruit and vegetable powder as well as probiotics.

“In light of the plant-based trend, it is strongly recognized that children on a vegan diet have a greater need for nutritional supplements,” said Fendell.

“The pediatric vegan nutritional supplement market will be one of the fastest growing sectors for the next three to five years.”