‘Nice Manitoban Fingerprick Problem’ created to lift consciousness about diabetes and lack of protection


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Several MLAs have volunteered to take part in this challenge, including Kinew who believes CGMs should be covered.

The challenge is to make insulin, pumps, pump accessories and CGMs available to all insulin dependent patients in Manitoba.

“For me, this challenge is a small chance to get an idea of ​​what it’s like to live with diabetes. This is such a big problem in our society in our health system. I want to show my solidarity and compassion for the people who live in this situation, ”said Kinew.

Emergency Diabetes Support for Manitobans, a grassroots advocacy group for Manitobans with diabetes and their caregivers, is calling on politicians and public figures to raise awareness of diabetes through the Great Manitoban Fingerprick Challenge. Support for Manitobans wants all Manitobans who need to continuously monitor their blood glucose to be provided with continuous glucose monitors, or CGMs. Photo by handout /.Emergency Diabetes Support for Manitobans

In a few days, Kinew will receive a kit that will allow him to draw blood and monitor his blood sugar level. He will then go on social media and talk more about his experience during the challenge and raise awareness about diabetes.

Hollie Kirkness is the parent of a 10 year old child with type 1 diabetes. Both her husband and son Nikolai are First Nations. She mentioned that the CGM has been of great help to her family.

“One of the things he initially had to adapt to was fingertips. People with type 1 diabetes need constant sugar checks, so we prick their fingers at least four times a day. Sometimes the tissue on his fingers hardens, making it harder to get blood, ”she said.

However, the monitor her son uses is a Dexcom G6 CGM system, a waterproof sensor that can show the glucose count in real time.

“The sensor goes into the fatty tissue and transmits all of its glucose readings to his phone. So he would only need a push every ten days. It cheered him up so much, ”said Kirkness.