Northfield man with Sort I diabetes working size of Vermont as fundraiser


Photo: Brad Johnson and Emily Levan

Vermont Business Magazine Brad Johnson and his wife, Emily Levan, who are based in Northfield, will run more than 210 miles along the VT RT 100 in return for money to the team that has come a long way to treat their Type I diabetes to collect for Gifford Health Care’s Diabetes Clinic at Kingwood Health Center in Randolph. They hope that contributions from others will help fund access to the same medical equipment that enables Brad to face such a challenge.

“Diabetes is expensive at best and prohibitive at worst when it comes to getting on a pump and accessing the supplies and support you need to make it work,” said Johnson. “The care I get from those in the diabetes clinic is, in a word, excellent.”

Brad and Emily plan to take off from the Massachusetts border on Thursday June 10 and land on the Canadian border by Wednesday June 16, running more than 35 miles a day. They stay in motels at night, carrying food and clothing. Brad will also be wearing his insulin pump.

To support Gifford’s Diabetes Clinic in honor of Brad and Emily’s cross-Vermont run and to track their progress, go to:

Photo: Gifford’s Diabetes Clinic Team: Diabetes Advisor Jennifer Stratton, Nurse Chelsea Otis, and Family Nurse Katie John


Since 2007, the Kingwood Center on Route 66 in Randolph has provided diabetes education, blood glucose testing, diet and exercise advice, and medication and prevention advice, as well as assistance for special patient needs.


Gifford is a community hospital in Randolph, Vt., With family health centers in Berlin, Bethel, Chelsea, Randolph, and Rochester, and specialty services throughout central Vermont. Gifford is a federally qualified health center and one of the top 100 critical access hospitals in the country. It is a full service hospital

Source: RANDOLPH, Vt., May 24, 2021– – Gifford Medical Center, Randolph