Out of doors Health Makes a Comeback in Santa Monica — The


Despite Los Angeles County, still in the most restrictive purple level With a daily average of 16,500 COVID-19 cases, Governor Gavin Newsom canceled home-stay orders across California on January 25, 2021. Santa Monica Gyms and Gyms were established in an attempt to keep the business alive and grow the community. Get creative with their outdoor fitness business model.

Some facilities, like Burn Fitness, already had outdoor facilities that they could use as soon as the gyms reopened. Burn Fitness – located on Third Street Promenade – offers a variety of classes and includes a world-class selection of cardio machines as well as a free weight room.

But for others, like Barry’s Bootcamp and SoulCycle, the transition to outdoor teaching required a little more strategy and brainstorming. From the start of the pandemic, Barry’s Bootcamp offered numerous opportunities to get yours red room Work up a sweat in the comfort of your own home. You can to buy Your own weights, tapes and towels to replicate Barry’s experience.

Since then, they have introduced Barry’s Outdoors and recorded the Red Room in an outdoor setting. To ensure the safety of their guests and employees, they have set up a mandatory temperature control station where the masks must be kept on and used at all times Cleaning preparations for hospitals between classes.

Barry’s Outdoors is offered in select locations across the country, five of which are in the greater Los Angeles area. Barry’s Santa Monica is located on the lower floor of the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel on Appian Way.

Using a silent disco sound system, the courses are conducted through 50-minute floor workouts where weights and bands are implemented. While this new sound system is not a fan favorite, it does allow teachers to stay socially distant while keeping noise levels to a minimum.

Anna Mogilny, a local Santa Monica, said, “I would much rather if they just put the music on a speaker. They were subdued … and didn’t really stay up. ”She added that“ playlists weren’t that good ”.

Like Barry’s, SoulCycle has since been offering workout classes that are safer from home. In March 2020, the company first announced its launch plans Bike at home. In addition, they also offer outside of class, titled SoulOutside, for select locations – including Santa Monica, where you can book an outdoor rooftop bike.

The sports student Harper Brandt shared her experience with SoulOutside: “I was outside and it was cold … I have the feeling that the environment was completely different. It was the silent disco style, and while you can hear it, you don’t have your typical SoulCycle classroom setting. “

Similar to Barry, ‘The SoulCycle Standard’ is committed to the safety of its guests and employees. Health exams are required upon entry, and masks must be worn at all times, including during class. SoulCycle seems to go way beyond that with its hygiene protocols. You have implemented an improved air filter system that “scrubs”[s] the air with PECO air purification technology that meets FDA performance criteria for destroying the COVID-19 virus ” website.