Over 25computer Pakistanis feared to be affected by diabetes – Newspaper


KARACHI: Health experts and medical professionals warned on Wednesday that more than a quarter of the population of Pakistan suffers from a lifestyle disease, primarily diabetes, and that the number could multiply in the next five to ten years.

Experts were amazed at the growing and “proud trend” of biryani, which they believed could harm health if consumed in excess. Bad eating habits are a major cause of diabetes in Pakistan, they believed.

“Pakistani cuisine must be reinvented immediately,” said Prof. Tasnim Ahsan, a renowned specialist in internal medicine and endocrinologist, at the start of the “Discovering Diabetes” project.

The project aims to identify undiagnosed diabetes patients in Pakistan, a joint venture between the Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES) and local pharmaceutical company Pharmevo.

Prof. Ahsan said, “Everything we eat [these days] should be avoided, especially rice in the form of biryani, soft drinks and the so-called fast food. The only recreation in Pakistan is the food in abundance, which makes it a sick nation.

“Over 50 percent of people with diabetes do not know their state of health and only experience it when their eyes, kidneys, heart or brain have suffered irreparable damage. Care comes first before any treatment – so be careful. “

Prof. Zaman Shaikh, a well-known diabetologist, said the silent killer cost hundreds of thousands of lives in Pakistan annually, but unfortunately most people were unaware of the causes of the disease as it was a minor problem.

“When people come to us after living with diabetes for years, some of their vital organs are already exposed to irreversible damage,” he said.

“Diabetes causes permanent damage to the eyes, kidneys, heart attacks and major, fatal strokes. People should take steps themselves to prevent or treat diabetes once they become diabetic. “

Prof Javed Iqbal, a laparoscopic surgeon, said a lack of awareness of health problems was nothing less than a crime as diseases like diabetes silently caused irreversible harm to people. He urged the people of Pakistan to change their eating and recreational habits and get tested for diabetes as soon as possible.

Pharmevo’s managing director Haroon Qasim told the Discovering Diabetes project that the initiative had set up a hotline to help people determine their diabetes status and seek advice from leading diabetologists in the country.

“We believe that the way we lose our healthy lifestyle should be included in the curriculum in Pakistani schools. In a country with 26 percent of people who have diabetes, every child should know what to eat and how to live a healthy life, ”he said.

Posted in Dawn, March 4, 2021