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Patry Jordan (Girona, 37 years old) took the initiative to start her gymnastics class on YouTube and never thought that she would end up becoming the true queen of “fitness” via digital platforms.

What started with a few courses in a gym has made this enterprising athlete an international benchmark as an “online” personal trainer.

Indeed your channel is Gymvirtual collects more than 10 million subscribers to get in shape thanks to its videos and that at the same time they have helped many people to cope better with imprisonment.

And it is the initiative of Patry Jordan to put his gymnastics courses on the net, precisely because of the need to find a way out of the impossibility of teaching face to face at the Girona gym where he worked.

Gymvirtual, a success

He started his project ‘Gymvirtual’ and it has become a phenomenon with followers of all ages and even many of them prefer not to go to the gym anymore to do sit-ups yourself in front of the computer screen or the mobile phone.

His easy and direct language is captivating. His messages invite everyone to join the wave of healthy living that he is defending. Because in this cycle of health, not only sport is necessary.

It also offers the option of combining it with nutrition, which in turn leads to emotional well-being and self-care.. Although Patry Jordan has grown into a phenomenon with millions of followers from his beginnings on his YouTube channel to the present day and has been on the rise for years.

All of this with sporty fashion and, in many cases, without leaving home, as many have learned from the months of sweating between the couches. and the television, or in the room, in front of the computer, because of the pandemic.

A successful digital model

A couple of months that helped Patry Jordán develop his digital model that reaches gymnastics fans “online” and many of which have stopped downloading. With the advice of the entrepreneur, who was even surprised by the success of her online videos, they want to stay in shape. Now she is the queen of online fitness.

Patry Jordán loves her job, she’s excited to provide physical and emotional wellbeing to thousands of people she doesn’t know but knows they are behind the screen. A responsibility that you recognize, that sometimes overwhelms you, but that you take on.

And it is that, in his opinion, physical exercise goes much further than doing good abs or doing physical work. It’s about a commitment to personal wellbeing and that investing in health is one of the most important aspects of life. Exercise provides health and ultimately quality of life in order to enjoy the many other good things that life has to offer you.

Out of concern for people’s health, she launches messages in order to use the time … I sleep well and above all eat healthy before the flood of numbers that the Industrialized countries as the most important “producers” of obesity.

One of the ways to overcome a sedentary lifestyle is to enjoy your classes online for physical and emotional wellbeing.

“One two worlds, woman and sport”

The fitness trainer on her GymVirtual channel, Patry Jordan, She was very proud of the award she received after switching from anonymity to more than 10 million followers on the internet. “At first it wasn’t entirely clear why there was a pandemic,” he said.

I would like to thank you for the award and I am very happy because it unites two very important worlds for me, women and sport & rdquor;he explained at the gala. Said feeling “Very grateful to be among so many women, with so much talent and work behind & rdquor;.

Patry Jordan has worked with many world class athletes. “For me it is a pride to work with top athletes, I feel like a dream and I feel very happy”.. and had one last message. “That we keep moving people at home,” he concluded “