Peloton CommuCycle Might Make Your Drive to Work a Health Routine


Due to the ongoing health crisis, the average modern person’s day no longer includes a trip to the office. Yet even in the days when people made the journey from home to work, they usually took the easy way out.

This means that instead of walking or perhaps taking a bike to work muscles on the route, people either used their own cars or public transportation – both fairly quick means of getting around, but not exactly challenging for our body.

At the end of the work schedule, there was limited time left for a trip to the gym, one that many of us have skipped more than once. But what if we could somehow get the elusive gym out on the streets and use the time to get to work or home to exercise?

That would require something like the Peloton CommuCycle that we have here. It’s a kind of autonomous vehicle that is better than a bicycle because it can be used in bad weather and better than a car because you can focus on everything except getting stuck in traffic.

The vehicle would of course be filled with New York Peloton fitness equipment so anyone driving in it could do their usual routine, just one movement.

The CommuCycle was designed by the UK leasing company Vanarama, but we are missing a major component.

Vanarama says Peloton would “need to invest in a state-of-the-art air conditioning / fragrance unit to keep the” fitness smell “at bay from trip to trip,” but doesn’t mention whether this thing would come with a shower.

When it doesn’t, it limits its use to after work hours as we bet no one likes to meet sticky, sweaty, and smelly people that morning.