Peptron to current 1 month-long diabetes drug at ADA meet


Peptron said Friday the company will unveil its new diabetes treatment, which works continuously for a month, at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) conference in June.

The company announced that it submitted its research to ADA in January and recently received approval to launch the drug at the poster session.

Based on its drug delivery technology, Peptron has completed clinical compound development for the long-term continuous treatment of diabetes on the GLP-1 series. The company seeks a global partnership for its clinical trials and commercialization. By presenting at the ADA conference, Peptron will publicize the differentiated effects and benefits of the treatment.

Peptron said the company will unveil an impact diabetes treatment that lasts for a month at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) conference in June.

GLP-1 is a next-generation diabetes drug that can replace insulin because it works well for controlling blood sugar and is only effective when blood sugar is high. Unlike insulin injectors, Peptron says there is no risk of hypoglycemic shock and weight loss.

The GLP-1 diabetes market has grown to 12 trillion won ($ 10.6 billion) thanks to the success of drugs that last a week. The market size is projected to reach 20 trillion won by 2027 if one month treatment achieves similar success. However, the development of existing technologies is limited due to the side effects of increasing the dose.

“We have overcome existing constraints by introducing a GMP production process that controls drug emissions levels based on Smart Depot technology,” said a Peptron official. “We anticipate that the paradigm of the diabetes market will change with the completion of the month-long long-term diabetes treatment.”