Personal Health Studio Opens in Rockaway


-Monice Small stands strong at her Goodform gym

COVID-19 sparked a flood of entrepreneurship through Rockaway, and so does Monice Small, senior trainer and gym owner – Goodform. Prior to the pandemic, Small enjoyed her former position at Rockaway Brewery while living on-site with her husband.

In March 2020, NYS unemployment claims rose 2,600%, and in fact, Small was part of that statistic. Instead of being marginalized by a statistic, Small decided to reinvent herself as a fitness entrepreneur.

Small admits, “I thought about it one day and made up my mind – just let me start this company and see what I can do.”

Small developed a vision for her company: “Goodform is based on the need for a little more fitness in Rockaway. While the YMCA is great, it could be a little crowded. My goal was to create a space with a little more focus on strength and condition – open to all types of people and abilities, regardless of size, religion and background. ”

When discussing her background and fitness philosophy, Small said, “I come from personal training and Pilates. So the focus is on strengthening the core. It’s the powerhouse of centering and concentration, but the focus is really on micro-movement. “

For someone new to fitness, the Goodform process begins with a brief (30-45 minute) intake consultation so that Small can gain insight into a client’s personal approaches and goals.

An assessment is then planned to establish fitness baselines (measurements and a weigh-in) and then a series of dynamic stretches to assess the musculoskeletal system, potential obstacles and strength skills.

Based on these benchmarks and analysis, Small will customize a comprehensive Goodform fitness program that schedules workouts about two to three times a week.

Small admits that she works more gently and has an open dialogue with her client style to keep herself engaged throughout the session.

“I work with clients in a completely honest way and I want them to feel supported and reassured. Because of that experience, they usually want to move on, ”said Small.

With her studio on 88-08 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, also known as “The Old Wave Building,” Small found the privacy and small space to be a security benefit for those looking to get back in shape as we slowly move away from the coronavirus vulnerabilities transact .

Small said, “People may not be feeling well, may be struggling with depression, weight loss, or even weight gain, and are looking for insights on how to take themselves to the next level physically and still stay safe.”

When asked about her best advice for a fitness beginner, Small advises: “Reinvent a routine around your workout, find out which movement you enjoy doing – and build a routine based on it.” Small also suggests that for that Work-from-home crowd: “Dress for the role when training or working from home, the clothes we wear give us a sense of identity, it helps us play the role.”