‘Prevalence of diabetes greater in HP than nat’l avg’ | Chandigarh Information


Shimla: People who live in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh are not as fit as assumed, according to a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research.
The ICMR study found an 11.5% prevalence of diabetes in Himachal Pradesh, which is above the national average of 9.8%. The prevalence of obesity at 39% is higher than the national average of 27%.
The state reported 6% heart disease among diabetics versus the national average of 2.2%. Dr. Jitendra Mokta, professor of medicine at Indira Gandhi Medical College in Shimla, who played a key role in research in Himachal Pradesh as the main researcher of the ICMR project, said the survey was conducted from September 2019 to March last year and in urban and urban areas The rural areas for the survey were selected via satellite.
The ICMR had conducted a nationwide survey on diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. The ICMR interviewed 1,13,106 people nationwide, while in Himachal Pradesh 3,831 people with diabetes were interviewed.
Dr. Addressing the media in Shimla, Mokta said data showed the incidence of diabetes and obesity was increasing in both rural and urban areas. He said the rise in the prevalence of diabetes, particularly among women, is worrying. “The prevalence of diabetes is 14.3% in urban areas and 11.2% in rural areas. In terms of gender segregation, the prevalence of diabetes is 11.6% in men and 11.4% in women. For every diagnosed case, there is one undiagnosed in the state, ”he said.
Dr. Mokta said the prevalence of diabetes in the neighboring mountainous state of Uttarakhandis is 9.5%.
He said obesity was on the rise in Himachal Pradesh too, with 38.7% of people under his control. This is higher than the national average of 27%, he said.