Private Well being and Health for Faculty College students – The Etownian


Being healthy and being successful on your fitness journey can be difficult at times. It can be especially challenging for college students who are constantly struggling with strict schedules from class, internships, jobs, clubs, and social life. However, there are myriad benefits of a healthy lifestyle for college students.

The benefits include improved mood and overall mental feeling, as well as more energy and better focus. Being healthy and fit also helps you feel better physically. Most importantly, a healthy lifestyle with a focus on fitness helps people live longer and have fewer health problems than less active unhealthy people.

In addition to simply finding the time to exercise and focus on their own health, many college students are offered unlimited amounts of unhealthy foods and snacks from their canteens. Proper nutrition with sensible servings is a big part of a healthy life. Keeping track of what you’re eating and eating a balanced diet can be difficult, but it pays off in the long run.

The next important aspect of being healthy and fit is daily exercise or physical activity. Many people think this means running several miles or lifting heavy weights, but it doesn’t have to be that intense.

“Our campus has a beautiful walking trail that not many people know about … a lot of people think exercising has to be a tough thing, but it really isn’t,” Darcy said Ott. “I came to training just by taking my mom for a walk.”

Many different sports can be beneficial for both physical and mental health. “I enjoy running because it’s a great way to relax from homework at the end of the day. It also helps me relieve stress because I go out and get active, ”said Ashley Burger, sophomore.

No matter where someone is, through healthy habits of eating right and staying active, anyone can begin their journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle.