PRVN Health is Stacked and Able to Take the CrossFit Season by Storm


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CrossFit season is just around the corner and PRVN Fitness has stocked up on talented athletes to make some noise. The camp, which began with four-time champion Tia-Clair Toomey, now has a seasoned roster of CrossFit Games veterans from both the male and female divisions.

Remind me: Shane Orr released his PRVN fitness program years ago, but it became a household name during the 2020 season changed by COVID. The Instagram account started posting workouts for followers to test in April, many of which are labeled “Tia-Clair Toomeys Daily Programming”. After the CrossFit Games 2020 and Toomey’s fourth title in a row, the camp grew in size. The first addition was six-time games competitor Brooke Wells, who finished fifth in 2020 and then parted ways with longtime trainer Ben Bergeron and his CompTrain program.

  • Wells stormed the scene In 2015, at the age of 19, she won the Central East Regional. She went to the Games and finished 15th overall while impressing analysts and colleagues alike with an outstanding rookie performance.
  • She has increased further Expectations since then, when she was the only female athlete to do the deadlift ladder in 2016, won the Central Regional in 2018, and secured three top 10 finishes at the Games. Now that she’s in Tennessee and on the PRVN list, Wells faces even higher expectations.

From Krypton to Tennessee: The second athlete to join the PRVN list is a man known for his athletic prowess and ability to lift heavy weights. Alec Smith made it to the 2017 and 2018 Games as a solo player after impressive performances at Atlantic Regional, but pursued an Affiliate Cup championship in the 2019 season. The CrossFit Krypton team finished second after CrossFit Mayhem Freedom.

  • Gone after a season Due to a much smaller field and no team competition, Smith is back in action with a new team. He also moved to Brentwood, TN and became the first male athlete on the PRVN team. Though he wasn’t the last to take Orr’s program.

The comeback continues: Will Moorad, the guy programming for CrossFit Trivium in Brentwood, finished 14th at the 2014 CrossFit Games. He was ready to take on the world and become a household name, but a misdiagnosis forced him to miss five years.

  • Moorad returned to the games in 2019 and registered his first career top 10 placement. He was one of many athletes to miss the 2020 Games due to the revised guidelines. 31-year-old Moorad is ready to fight for a place in the Games again.

The entire Tennessee team: When PRVN added Wells, Smith and Moorad, questions arose immediately about the fourth member of the Brentwood team. PRVN answered these questions with the 26-year-old Streat Hoerner.

  • Like his teammates, the Iowa native has CrossFit Games experience. He finished 14th in 2017 and returned to the Games in 2019. Hoerner did not make it past the first cut and saw his weekend end with an 86th place.

One further amendment: While the majority of PRVN members live in Tennessee, the newest athlete is from Australia. The team announced on Feb.21 that James Newbury was the latest person to be added to the group. In addition to Toomey and Wells, the 30-year-old has the most experience in the group.

  • Newbury was a bubble athlete for four years, but he broke through in 2016 and qualified for the CrossFit Games. He went to California and competed with a stacked field, eventually finishing 24th.
  • The former semi-professional rugby player made four appearances at the Games. In 2017 and 2018 he finished 26th and 18th, but 2019 was a career year. Newbury survived the cuts and finished a wild weekend in fifth place. Now the two-time Pacific Regionals champion is looking for a podium.

Trainers are critical: PRVN Fitness has a stacked roster of athletes, but they’re not the only newcomers to the team. Orr has taken the time to build his coaching team. Former CrossFit OC3 trainer Nic Johnston was the first to join the group. Colorado’s Dwight Upshaw, the head coach of CrossFit Sanitas, was the second. CrossFit Torian’s head coach Will Kearney rounded out the group in late February.

Bottom line: The PRVN team has a considerable amount of gaming experience as well as a championship foundation. Orr and Toomey have already teamed up for four championships. The addition of several other talented athletes to the camp adds even more to expectations and creates excitement for the season ahead.

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