Questioning Milind Soman khata kya hai? Health fanatic reveals in new submit


If you’ve also asked yourself, “Milind Soman khata kya hai?”, Today is your lucky day. The actor, known for his workout routines and clean eating habits, shared his daily diet with fans on social media. He also pointed out that he did not eat refined sugar in any form or consume any packaged or processed foods. His diet consists of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and lots of legumes.

There is one other interesting thing that the fitness enthusiast revealed in his last post on drinking room temperature water. He said he never drinks cold water, adding that he avoids soft drinks and consumes alcohol once or twice a year and even a glass. Not only that, when the actor consumes a dessert, it is always sweetened with jaggery.

The post mentioned above featured a shirtless milind standing with a plate in hand full of healthy groceries. The headline read, “Since many of you have asked what I am eating, you’re good to go! This is the usual one which may change based on location and availability. Wake up and drink about 500ml of room temperature water. Breakfast – around 10 am Some nuts, a papaya, a melon, seasonal fruits like mangoes, around 4 am Lunch – around 2 pm Usually rice and dal khichadi with local and seasonal vegetables, ratio 1 part dal / rice and 2 parts vegetables . With two teaspoons of homemade ghee. Sometimes, if not rice, 6 chapatis with vegetables and dal. Very rarely, like once a month, a small piece of chicken / mutton or an egg.

He continued: “5pm – sometimes a cup of black tea, sweetened with jaggery. Dinner – around 7pm. A plate of vegetables / bhaji. If very hungry, some khichadi. Not a non-vegetarian. Some turmeric in hot water before going to bed When I eat dessert, it is mostly sweetened with jaggery. I stay away from overly refined, processed, and packaged foods as much as possible. No supplements or added vitamins. Water as needed, never cold. No soft drinks, a – or alcohol twice a year, maybe a glass. No change during quarantine. Kadha only 4 times a day. #Health (sic). “

Milind also mentioned that while battling Covid-19 last month, his diet was the same with the addition of kadha four times a day.

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