REGYMEN Health Staff Opens The Covery


The team behind the REGYMEN Fitness franchise company has opened its first The Covery, a relaxation and wellness concept, on March 22nd in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The franchise concept focuses on wellness, recovery and injury prevention and offers aesthetic, athletic, recreational and wellness services such as cryotherapy, infrared saunas, IV infusions, IV NAD + therapy, CRYOSKIN, hydrafacial, lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, and red light therapy Dry swimmers, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, saline saunas, full body cryotherapy, spot cryotherapy, and a host of other options based on the demographics of each location.

“We’ve been behind the scenes on The Covery for the past few years,” said EK Navan, co-founder of The Covery and REGYMEN Fitness, to Club Industry. “When the pandemic broke out, I had the opportunity to research the science behind the services we offer and the amazing benefits these treatments help increase a person’s overall wellbeing. Now more than ever, self-care is essential. The pandemic has taught everyone to appreciate their health a little more, and that boosting immunity and relieving stress are vital not only to our individual wellbeing but to everyone around us. This is the perfect time to realize the power and importance of keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy. In order to work with maximum efficiency in life, we need to be rested. Self-care is not selfish; Rather, it is important to get the maximum benefit from your life and uplift those around you. To do this, we all need to unplug ourselves to recharge – take some time for yourself. ”

Covery and REGYMEN Fitness are offered as two separate franchise models. However, some franchisees plan to franchise both brands as they complement each other, according to Navan. The company is testing a version of the model that has both concepts under one roof.

The first location is an “Express” setting with an area of ​​850 square feet, but the preference is 1,400 to 2,200 square feet, according to Navan. The number of square meters depends on the location and the level of investment of the franchisee.

The Covery appeals to a wide range of people looking for franchises as the model is designed for flexibility within the space and allows for a scalable offering, he said.

The cost of opening The Covery can range from $ 250,000 to $ 575,000, depending on the services offered, according to Navan. Franchisees looking for a more cost effective investment can offer a smaller range of services initially, with the ability to grow in that space by adding additional services once they reach certain revenue points. Those who are already territory developers for other brands or who have a franchise pedigree tend to want the larger model with all the additional services from day one, Navan said.

The initial franchise fee is $ 49,000.

Prices at The Covery are based on both membership and drop-in. For the locations where The Covery and REGYMEN are next to each other or combined, REGYMEN members receive the reduced dropy rate for Covery members for services in contrast to the conventional drop-in rates.

The company has two other locations in Louisiana and one in Alabama, slated to open in April. Another location is to be opened in Louisiana in May, and a location in Florida will be opened in the fall.