Residence Chef Meal Supply Is Bringing Skinnytaste Recipes Straight to Your Door With New Collab


Feel like you are cooking more meals at home these days than ever before? You’re not alone. A recent Acosta report found that more than half of shoppers (55%) said they eat at home more often and that many consumers expect they will eat less than before after the pandemic ends.

It’s clear that home cooking will stay here, but even the most seasoned home cooks will experience “cooking fatigue” at some point. Whether you are tired of preparing the same meals every day or just don’t have the time to spend hours preparing dinner, finding a convenient and healthy way to enjoy delicious meals from the comfort of your home is crucial .

This is where Home Chef comes in. As one of the largest food delivery services in the United States, it offers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that are delivered weekly nationwide.

With the increasing demand for a wider variety of lighter, more balanced meals, Home Chef has teamed up with Skinnytaste founder and chef Gina Homolka to create eight simple, healthy recipes These are all less than 550 calories and meet various nutritional needs such as sodium-sensitive, carbohydrate-conscious and high-protein.

Skinnytaste founder and cook Gina Homolka

Skinnytaste founder and cook Gina Homolka

Head chef

A Skinnytaste menu is offered on the chef’s menu every week for the months of May and June. You can choose from a range of delicious, nutritious recipes such as: sheet pan, balsamic herb chicken and vegetables, chicken with mushrooms and shallots, parmesan salmon, turkey cheeseburger soup, shrimp scampi with broccoli orzo, baked chicken parmesan, coriander – Lime Chicken and Rice with Corn Salsa and Florentine Fish. When our experts gave meals a taste, we found that they were nutritionally balanced, easy to prepare, and aromatic, which is exactly what Gina wanted.

Home Cook x Skin Flavor Tin Pan Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables

Chef x Skinnytaste Sheet Pan Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables

Head chef

“I love inspiring people to eat fresh, delicious foods in my cookbooks, and since my followers wanted easier ways to cook my recipes, it was a breeze to reach out to the chef to make it happen,” she shares.

Registered dietitian
Stefani Sassos is a registered nutritionist with a BS in Nutritional Science from Pennsylvania State University and a MS in Clinical Nutrition from New York University.

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