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As seen at Real Potomac housewives, Monique Samuels is the wife, mother and entrepreneur of a new line of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. Mila Eve Essentials, which was officially launched on New Years Day. According to the website, these essential oils are “designed for the body, mind and spirit”. What a perfect way to start the year with peace, mindfulness and harmony than with a gluten-free, paraben-free essential oil line.

“Mila Eve Essentials was born out of my experience Real Potomac housewives and when I first debuted Not for lazy mothersAs my parenting community, I have spoken a lot about essential oils and how they have changed my life“Samuels explained to HelloBeautiful. After her time on the show, people started asking where to buy her oils. When she insisted on making recommendations, they pushed back and insisted that they would buy from her alone. “I started doing research and was able to develop my own line, Mila Eve Essentials, which contains pure therapeutic chemical-free products, as well as essential oils and other products that I have been selling for a very reasonable price. “

We told the entrepreneur herself about Mila Eve Essentials, how she uses essential oils in her daily beauty routine and personal journey to mental health and wellness.

On Their Journey To Mental Health And Well-Being Through The Pandemic:

I am a person who only believes in seeing the positive in a negative. I always try to get out of a negative situation and say, “How can I make this positive?” It’s a coping mechanism for me. That way, you can continue to do whatever you intend and want to do in life. I have three children, a parrot and a husband. When the pandemic started, the first thing we said was that everyday life would be Saturday for a few months, and it was. Homeschooling with the kids [while] I try to keep them active and busy, planning movies, taking school classes together, and focusing on my business. [The pandemic] I actually had a lot of time to do many things that I had started and usually didn’t have time to finish.

“The pandemic has actually been a boon to the Samuels household because we haven’t been so overbooked and busy with things going on outside of the house since everyone was locked up.”

On the importance and variety of essential oils:

“Essential oils are basically extracts from herbs, flowers, grasses and trees. They have been used for centuries and are responsible for positively affecting your mind and body. You can use them in various natural lotions, creams, and various carrier oils such as almonds, coconuts, grape seeds, or jojoba. You can apply them topically or put them in a diffuser and use them on pretty much anything. I always say that I believe there is an oil for everything. We always recommend that you follow your doctor’s instructions and we disclaim that these are not intended to be cured, but they can definitely help with some of your most common problems such as allergies, colds, or the flu. My kids have a diffuser every night. It helps them sleep through the night and wakes them up rested. “

About aromatherapy and her daily mental health:

“Because I’m a person who’s non-stop from the moment my feet hit the floor until my head hits the pillow at night, I enjoy it [essential oils] to be able to keep myself focused and clear. I use them on my children, we dilute them properly and whenever we have a moment I say, “Let’s meditate” with this oil that I called “Namaste”. It smells really nice and my youngest son Chase loves this oil. He will actually look for it and try to say it in his own way. It is so sweet. I think he likes the color of the bottle because it’s blue. It helps us create a routine, and it also gives them something mentally to rely on. They know that when they use it they will be calm, they will play again and they will be happy again. “

“There is one oil that I absolutely love “Mind over matter”. My son and I use this oil so often that he always asks me about it when he’s frustrated during his schoolwork. He will put a drop on his forehead and I will put a drop on his neck. There is some peppermint in this particular oil and maybe it is the peppermint along with the other oils mixed in with it, but it gives you that cool feeling and really turns your day around. We use citrus oils and what I call the lemon and eucalyptus of the air filter all day just because of all the germs in this current climate. You just want to protect yourself so I’m just trying to disperse the air as much as possible and keep it clean. “

About Black Women Who Incorporate Essential Oils Into Beauty Routines:

“I called one “Flawless Skin” and I like to mix mine with jojoba oil. I use it on my skin every day. Lemon oil is also good for your skin because it is a tonic. There is one named “Hormonal Symmetry” and i use it like it’s perfume so i put it on my wrists and rub them together and then rub my wrists on my neck. It’s a beautiful scent, but the amazing thing about this oil is that it actually helps balance your hormones. A lot of women have these problems with keeping their cycles consistent and it really works. You can apply this special oil directly to the lower half of your stomach and it will help relieve any cramps that may occur. It’s almost like a perfume, but you also get other benefits due to the blend that is in this particular blend. “


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