Ryan Seacrest Kicks Off 2021 With New Health Enterprise CLMBR


DENVER, January 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CLMBR, a leading provider of connected fitness technology, announced today Ryan Seacrest joined the A-List investor team to help further roll out CLMBR Connected and CLMBR Pure. The news follows CLMBR’s successful launch campaign for Indiegogo $ 1,316,229 in sales to outperform the initial efforts of home fitness competitors such as Peloton and Hydrow.

“The biggest key to having the physical stamina and endurance to complete my work schedule is exercise,” he said Ryan Seacrest. “What I love most about CLMBR is that I can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time so I don’t have to jump from machine to machine for a full body workout. It’s a great way to work out I’m looking forward to.” to help the CLMBR team bring this product to the world. “

CLMBR is an ergonomic and innovative vertical climbing machine perfect for fitness novices or hardcore enthusiasts starting a new exercise program this year. CLMBR Connected is the first vertical climber to feature a large format touch display with on-demand courses led by instructors. The device also has a built-in audio system to enhance the experience and a state-of-the-art companion app. CLMBR is suitable for everyone who enters the “New Year, New You” phenomenon, regardless of their fitness level. It offers the possibility of integrating yoga, Pilates and strength training in addition to climbing exercises.

“We developed CLMBR for someone like Ryan – someone who wants a highly effective full-body workout but also doesn’t have the time to spend hours in the gym every day,” he said Avrum Elmakis, Co-Founder and CEO of CLMBR. “We’re excited to have Ryan join our team to help us roll out CLMBR and bring the vertical climbing fitness modality to consumers everywhere. The hardest working man in show business now has the only fitness machine that was built to keep up with its performance. go lifestyle. ”

Ryan Seacrest joins the CLMBR investment team with Jay-Z, Novak Djokovic, Pitbull, venture capital and private equity firm KBW-Ventures, exercise physiologist and CEO and founder of 22 Days Nutrition, Marco Borgesand co-founder and former CEO of YouTube, Chad Hurley.

For more information and information on pre-ordering CLMBR, please visit https://get.clmbr.com/.

CLMBR is an ergonomic and innovative vertical climbing machine. It is the first vertical climber to feature a large format touch display with instructor-led on-demand courses. CLMBR’s patent-pending design is characterized by high-quality workmanship, low maintenance and is easy to move – ideal for commercial or private use. The machine is beautiful with an open structural design that leaves the user free of sight and supports a natural athletic posture. It also features the latest in user interface technology and a state-of-the-art companion app that provides on-demand climbing classes and displays key metrics to maximize the user experience, including vertical feet climbed and training goals achieved. The integrated audio from CLMBR Connected can fill any room and feels like a climbing class in the studio. Unlike traditional climbing machines, CLMBR reaches new heights and is ideal for any modern user. With its low impact and ergonomic movement, CLMBR is safe for most ages and skill levels. To pre-order and learn more, please visit https://get.clmbr.com/.


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