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As mature and elderly people trying to maintain a healthy and healthy lifestyle, we face many obstacles, so to speak, in order to achieve our goals. Many of these roadblocks can be very daunting, of course, and with the negative reinforcement we seem to receive from society, doctors, and sometimes even well-meaning friends and family members, it seems even more impossible to achieve our goal of staying healthy . fit and active when we reach our golden years. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are indeed positive detours to accomplish these goals. These well-meaning people know about it or neglect to tell us about it.

First, let me introduce one of the newest and most beneficial trends to emerge in the health and fitness industry recently, the Personal Training Studio. These studios can have many different names, but the concept is usually basically the same. Unlike your regular gym, a personal training studio is much more of a specialized, professional, private, and highly refurbished environment that is making waves across the industry. This is especially true for mature and elderly people who want to get healthy and fit while staying safe. So let’s take a closer look at what just some of these obstacles above are, and how a personal training studio can be the detour you are looking for.

Roadblock One: Fear of Injury. Of course, this can be one of the biggest barriers a mature or elderly person can face when it comes to starting a new health and fitness routine. Unfortunately, as we age, we can be more prone to injury when trying to get back in shape. This is where the Personal Training Studio can prove to be the detour you need. Like our Ryder Fitness studio, the trainers there are highly educated and qualified, well beyond what most average trainers can achieve. Usually, coaches here can hold specific certifications such as exercise therapy, corrective exercises, and senior fitness, to name a few. In addition, they have highly qualified university degrees and many years of training experience that is well above average. A highly skilled trainer like this one designs and knows exactly what limitations and goals you have to avoid injury and get you in tip top shape without having to worry about injuries. Unlike a crowded gym, it’s just you and the trainer, much like seeing a doctor. This trainer will guide you safely through every movement.

Roadblock two: pain and discomfort. As a mature or elderly person looking to live a more functional and happier life, it is very likely that you have already been plagued by a previous injury, illness, or just old, sore joints from arthritis. As mentioned above, a highly qualified trainer, such as can be found in a personal training studio, has special certifications such as those mentioned above. Certifications such as B. Senior Fitness and Corrective Exercises will give this trainer the advanced skills and knowledge to help you overcome these conditions and get you back on the path to the healthy and healthy lifestyle you desire.

Roadblock Three: Fixed or Limited Income: As an elderly person, you may have retired from work or be unable to work due to injury or suffering. So your income can be somewhat limited to say the least. If this is your first time looking at in-person training attendance fees and a training package, it seems a little out of your reach. But now there are many insurance companies and organizations like United HealthCare and even Medicare that actually cover at least part of your sessions. For example, our Ryder Fitness facility is now accepting a program called Renew Active / Healthy Contributions through United HealthCare and Medicare. And we also accept most HSA (Health Savings Account) cards! Combine this with absolutely no monthly membership or start-up fees in our gym as you would ask a regular gym. We can actually be cheaper (and a lot safer) than paying for a gym and having a trainer.

As you can see, as a mature or elderly person, we will naturally face many obstacles in trying to get ourselves back into a happy, healthy, and healthy lifestyle. In fact, there are many detours to bypass these so-called roadblocks and we have only covered a few here. Get into this personal training studio today and find out how we can help you overcome YOUR special hurdle too. And as always, consult your doctor before embarking on any new fitness or nutrition program.

Johnny Ryder is a PhD student in holistic life coaching and holds a Masters of Education in health and exercise. He is a certified Master Level Personal Fitness Trainer and has numerous individual special certifications. He has over 30 years of health and fitness experience as an educator, trainer, fitness competitor, writer, and speaker and is the owner of Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios at Show Low. Visit Johnny at www.ryderfitness.com.