Science-Based mostly Diet & Analysis to assist individuals eat & reside more healthy is recreation changer by Genoplate


DNA-based analysis to optimize diet and a healthy life.

GenoPalate is an advanced, data-driven nutritional intelligence company.

You are the industry pioneer in a genetics-based approach to nutrition and health. Using advance research to provide customers with a DNA nutrition report,

which helps people find the best nutritional approach that is tailored to their genetics.

How it works?

GenoPalate’s proprietary database of personalized nutrition and eating habits is changing the way people make diet and nutritional decisions to achieve and maintain optimal health. Her Genetic health tests The kit can be ordered online. Once the genetic data is partnered with research, it provides an in-depth look at nutritional goals tailored to individual needs.

At GenoPalate, you believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness and nutrition. Their bespoke post-test nutrition solutions are flawless. A wide variety of bespoke recipes and personalized nutritional supplements unlock the best nutrition that DNA would accept.

This mission has successfully gained a customer base of over 140,000 people currently using their services, with an overwhelming response in the health and wellness areas.

Your groundbreaking services are definitely a right approach as the world has seen a pandemic which clearly implies that health and nutrition are a top priority for healthy living. Your currently offered services are:

• Essential nutritional reports

• Eating Insights Reports

• Stress Insight Reports

• Personalized recipes

• Personalized addition

GenoPalate research team

Dedicated, focused on building a healthier world. The team consists of experts in the fields of molecular biology, genetics, clinical nutrition, population genetics, obesity, metabolic syndrome and nutritional science. The research team is working on a breakthrough in nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition.

The Sherry Zhang, Ph.D., Founder and CEO

Kristin Ricklefs-Johnson, Ph.D., RD ​​Director of Nutritional Sciences

Hector Guillen, Ph.D. Director of Research

Kelly Van Gorden MS, RD, CD Clinical Nutritionist

Rajni Nigam, MS, MBA Director of Bioinformatics

Frankie O’Brien, MS, RD, LDN Clinical Nutritionist

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