Scientists develop understanding of muscle losing In type-2 diabetes


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A new study examines the link between muscle weakness and type 2 diabetes and finds that a gene responsible for muscle regeneration is silenced in people with the disease.

Dr. Paul Jellinger of the Center for Diabetes & Endocrine Care Hollywood said the results highlight a possible cause of muscle wasting, a known risk factor in type 2 diabetes.

“It is very interesting that this discovery was made because we are entering an era of genetic medicine and the ability to turn genes on and off with different drugs is in some ways already there and hopefully a drug is made where that gene is turned on he said.

Alternatively, Jellinger said there might be a way to actually replace the defective gene.

Meanwhile, experts say people with type 2 diabetes can benefit significantly from weight training to combat muscle wasting.


And new data shows that obesity is a bigger threat to men who are clinically obese than women.

Recently published research found that obese men are at higher risk of severe pneumonia, intubation, and death.

The Bronx-based study with over 3,500 patients is considered one of the largest to date, showing the differences in obesity and Covid outcomes between men and women.

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