Sharjeel performs down doubts about his health on the eve of Africa tour – Newspaper


LAHORE: While downplaying any doubts about his physical fitness-related issues, attacking opener Sharjeel Khan said Tuesday he would play his natural game with the Twenty20 Internationals on their upcoming doubles tour of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“Fitness is not a big problem because I played the entire season without any fitness problems. I have been playing cricket for seven months and have played eight top-notch games, eleven T20 games, five PSL games, and seven one-day Pakistan Cup games. By the grace of Allah, my fitness was not the cause of any problems in any of these games, ”Sharjeel replied to questions about his physical fitness in a virtual media conference held during the national training camp set up in Gaddafi Stadium for the upcoming Africa tour.

“Every player has his requirements [gaining] Fitness; I follow the roadmap of the [team] Management has given me and I will try to bring my fitness level to this standard. “

The left-hander tries to play his natural game

The Pakistani squad is expected to start the double tour of South Africa and Zimbabwe on March 26th. After the series in South Africa, which ends on April 16, Pakistan will head to Zimbabwe, where the tourists will take part in two tests and three T20 internationals.

The 31-year-old is making a comeback in Pakistan after being punished in a 2017 Pakistan Super League spot fixing case in the United Arab Emirates. The left-handed batsman in this case was banned from all types of cricket for five years, suspended for two and a half years for violating the PCB anti-corruption code.

When Hyderabad-born Sharjeel pointed out that he was making extra efforts to improve fitness while the camp was ongoing, he said he did individual exercises and the total workout was equivalent to nearly 15 kilometers of running.

While Sharjeel claimed the team leaders didn’t give him specific physical fitness instructions, he said he did exercises himself.

However, he insisted that playful skills were as important as fitness.

“Although fitness is important for a player, the ability of each individual player is also very important,” said the opening player, who has already played 15 T20 international matches against Afghanistan in Sharjah in 2013 after his debut in this format.

“I want to play my natural game on that [Africa] Trip.”

When asked how he was accepted back into the national training camp due to the spot fixing case in 2017, Sharjeel said that there was a good environment in the camp.

“I’m really looking forward to returning to the national team [T20] Squad. I feel good with my team-mates as they have all played with me in the home season, ”he said.

“I played under the captain of Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan and under the coach of Waqar Younis [all national team’s current coaches]. So there’s nothing new to me in the camp, ”added Sharjeel when asked how he felt working with the three coaches.

The batsman said he wants to play tests and ODIs too.

“I was selected for T20 so that’s my only focus right now. The idea is to perform really well in T20s and then play step by step in ODIs and tests, but the fact is that the competition is very tough even in these formats. “

Speaking of his goal in South Africa, where Pakistan will play three ODIs and four T20 internationals, Sharjeel said he has always set short-term goals in life.

“There are still two weeks left in the T20 series in South Africa. I will try to understand the situation there as it is my first tour of this country and then I will set my goal there, ”he said.

The batsman continued: “Yes, we have pitches in South Africa [extra] bounce. However, I believe in playing every ball by merit and am not interested in trying pull and hook strokes unnecessarily. “

When asked what change he made in his life after returning to the national team after the spot fixing ban, Sharjeel said he simply preferred to enjoy cricket, focus on his performance and play for the Team to win.

Posted in Dawn on March 24, 2021