Socially-Distance Health: Working Out From Dwelling


ST. CLOUD – If you have a harder time exercising at home, you are not alone.

As our to-do lists grow, it can be difficult to take some time, especially if you have kids.

Josh Pearson is the director of the Spark training program at StaFit. He says if kids spend more time at home, consider accompanying them as they exercise.

There is no harm in bodyweight training children. When they are ready to do it with you, you can let them come to you. I had virtual classes where I see kids in the background imitating mom and dad.

He says 10 minutes of exercise can help burn off some of the extra energy kids have and help you get into your daily workout.

Pearson says you don’t need weights on equipment to get an effective workout.

We used paper plates for some workouts. You can use your kid’s backpack and fill it up to gain more weight. We did workouts where we used reusable bags and filled them with soup cans. If there is a will, there is a way.

If you’re not sure where to find an exercise program, Pearson has several free workouts on their Youtube channel.

The WJON “Socially-Distance Fitness” series gives people the opportunity to focus on their wellbeing in order to create a healthier self.

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