Sonnalli Seygall provides a peek into health routine; test it out


Over the past 1.5 years everyone has understood the need to maintain physical and mental wellbeing. In the midst of a pandemic, when immunity and fitness have become buzzwords, it all boils down to eating and sleeping habits and fitness levels. As such, experts have often highlighted how yoga can help not only maintain fitness levels, but also help you relax and curb stress.

We recently saw Pyaar Ka Punchnama actor Sonnalli Seygall demonstrate her love for yoga.

She can be seen doing a variation of the handstand.

“Let our most important chapters in this book of life be filled with good health. It has never been more important to take care of ourselves physically and mentally as it is today. For me it has always been yoga! #yogaforlife “, she captioned the post.

Here are some of her other yoga sessions that have inspired us.

How Can Yoga Help You Stay Fit?

While for some it may just be a form of exercise or meditation, for others, yoga is a form of relaxation that helps relieve stress. Incorporating yoga into daily life can be helpful in a number of ways – such as developing better sleeping habits, fighting depression, heart problems, etc., say yoga experts.

However, one must know about the correct posture, posture, and time to maintain that posture. Surya Namaskar and Kapal Bhati Pranayama are effective for weight loss. It is said that the continued practice of yoga tunes the body to its needs, thereby regulating appetite and sleep. Many practitioners find that persistent yoga practice has reduced their cravings for junk food.

What are some of the results that you are observing?

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