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Day Hab Kids from the GRACE Foundation are helping with the upcoming fundraising campaign entitled GRACE-ful Spin. (Courtesy Cathy DelPriore)

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Intoxx Fitness Clubs, the GRACE Foundation and Gotham Trinity Productions announce the creation of the first live event, “GRACE-ful Spin,” a joint event in collaboration with local joint ventures on Staten Island.

The Graceful Spin will be part of the Intoxx Fitness Club’s 25th anniversary.

On Saturday, May 8th, all three clubs (Grasmere, Oakwood and Tottenville) are celebrating their customers with lots of spins for Autism Spectrum Disorder and The GRACE Foundation.

At the Tottenville location, the live event will take place with outdoor spin bikes that are set up for a planned spin – rain or shine – from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The organizers ask the participants to register for the event in advance.

The cost is $ 125 with a chance to win a Peloton Bike. The proceeds go to the GRACE Foundation.

Spinners receive a pouch bag and an “I Spin for Food Card”. There will be additional raffles.

From 10:30 a.m., four spin sessions with 40 spinners per session will be available.

The event is based on the “first come, first served” principle.

● 125 US dollars includes the live spin at a registered time, the peloton raffle, entry to all additional raffles and the “I Spin for Food Restaurant Card”.

● US $ 50 includes entry to the peloton raffle, entry to all additional raffles and the “I Spin for Food Restaurant Card”.

● Entry of USD 25 for all additional raffles and an “I Spin for Food Restaurant Card”.

Intoxx Fitness Clubs have served Staten Island for 25 years and the event is a thank you to the community for their contribution to its continued success.

The “Muscle Team” at Intoxx consists of Rosario DeBernardo, Bruce Daniele, Carlo Lasorsa and Michael Gilotti.

During filming there will be a live broadcast of all three Intoxx clubs supported by Gotham Trinity Productions.

Musical entertainment and a live DJ from Island Entertainment are also available.

All three Intoxx centers will offer trays of Montalbano groceries as well as carvel ice cream and country donuts with items decorated for Autism Acceptance Month.

Gotham Trinity Productions will bring the event to life with a live broadcast on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram Live with an occasional TikTok.

For those who spin virtually, there is the possibility of being present live at the event. Virtual spots are limited.

Todd Bivona and Michael Graziuso from Gotham will host the Live Spin Stream with a range of broadcast and promotional opportunities.

If spinning isn’t a priority, Spin your Wheels is also offered, a car-friendly opportunity to spin your wheels at various restaurants for a free starter, dessert, or even a drink when you spend $ 25 on the Donate GRACE-ful Spin.

Interested parties receive an official restaurant spin certificate – “I spin for Food Card” – with a number of participating restaurants, including Baci, Nino, DeLuca, Max Esca, Campania, Jimmy Max, Bario, Cafe Ungaro, La Fontana and Nucci, Aunt Butchie, Pizzeria, Reggiano, Royal Cucina and Brioso.

Participating community partners are: Shop Rite, SIEDC, CKO Kickboxing, Tekie Geek, Rabs Country Lanes, Island Entertainment, No Limit Auto Body, Empire State Bank, Special Tees and Colonial Funeral Home.

“We are very proud of this collaboration,” said Carlo Lasorsa, owner of Intoxx, Tottenville. “Our commitment to Autism Acceptance Month has always been part of our philanthropic platform, and we welcome the partnership with GRACE. We believe in the mission and the people GRACE serves. “

The GRACE Foundation’s mission is to support, improve, and empower all people and their families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Celebrating its 21st anniversary in the community, GRACE prides itself on maintaining lifelong relationships with everyone involved in the event.

“This project took place at our conference table at the GRACE Foundation,” said Helen Duchene, Managing Director of GRACE. “The concept of the event blossomed with enthusiasm and everyone at the table had a genuine passion for the cause. We’d like to thank our friends and team at Intoxx and Gotham. And we look forward to expanding this event every year. “

Follow all updates on the Spin at: https://www.facebook.com/GRACEofNY, https://www.facebook.com/IntoxxFitnessTottenville, https://www.facebook.com/Intoxx.Grasmere, https: / / www.facebook.com/IntoxxFitnessOakwood

To pre-register for the Live Spin event in Tottenville, visit www.graceofny.org and click on to register.

To donate to receive your I Spin for Food Restaurant Card, go to www.graceofny.org



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