SSM Well being Medical Minute – Pancreas transplant presents new hope for Kind II diabetes


ST. LOUIS – The Transplant Center at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital offers a full range of medical and surgical services for patients with end-stage kidney and liver disease.

The transplant center is nationally recognized and has a long track record of kidney and liver transplantation. Now the transplant center offers new hope to patients at risk of kidney disease or nerve damage due to persistent type II diabetes.

The SLU hospital has expanded its transplant services to include pancreas transplants.

A pancreas transplant has been available for decades, so it’s an established method for curing type I diabetes. However, only 10% of pancreas transplants are performed in patients with type II diabetes.

Dr. Vidya Fleetwood, a SLUCare transplant surgeon at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, says pancreatic transplants have been available at SLU Hospital for many years, but most commonly in people with type I diabetes or in people who have since used insulin You were young.

“Many diabetics in the country are type II diabetics who develop diabetes at an older age and need insulin.” She said. “We know that both types of diabetes cause complications, most commonly kidney disease, but sometimes neuropathies, which means they cannot walk, and quality of life issues like digestive problems so they can’t keep their diet low, and diabetes those too Patients at risk of losing their sight. ”

A pancreas transplant for type II diabetes is becoming more and more common. The Transplant Center at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital works tirelessly to turn these opportunities into successful outcomes.

To learn more about the SLU Hospital Transplant Center, click here.

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