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Staunton YMCA strikes health programming inside


STAUNTON, VA. (WHSV) – “No pushing back, no negative talk, they are just grateful that they can come,” said Wendy Shutty of the Staunton Augusta YMCA.

The YMCA offers a variety of fitness classes and had to adjust its programming at the beginning of the pandemic.

“We started out with as many classes as possible outside. Then, gradually, as everything started to open again, we reopened classes in the house, ”Shutty explained.

Much of the classes have since been relocated inside with precautionary measures in accordance with the governor’s instructions.

“We still have to be 10 feet apart,” added Shutty. “When they come to class they must wear their masks and while they set up their gear and fetch whatever they need for class, we ask that they keep their masks and once they start training they can remove their masks. “

According to Shutty, the YMCA offers 60 to 70 courses every week.

Further information on registering for courses can be found here.

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