Summer season Crush checks athletes’ health at Daylis


The Daylis Stadium hosted games and on Saturday it was a competition with a special bond and camaraderie.

CrossFit Billings held Summer Crush for the second time.

Lewis & Clark Middle School was the location in 2019 and COVID forced the cancellation in 2020.

Yurii Hansen, CrossFit Billings owner and Summer Crush organizer.

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“It’s a 400-yard run with some climbing stairs and they come back from the run and will do 15 squats as a team,” said Yurii Hansen, owner of CrossFit Billings, of one of four outdoor events.

The best-placed athletes competed in another event in the hall at CrossFit Billings.

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“177 competitors from across the state and Wyoming are coming and prostrating,” said Hansen. “You know Crossfit is like a big family. We also do a lot to raise money to help some people. “

The teams of three men or three women motivate and inspire the athletes.

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Ben Pagano, Summer Crush athlete.

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“Pass it on and just tell yourself, you know, someone else, you know, go on one more round, one more round, you know, stick to the bar 15 reps you can do,” said Ben Pagono. “You know it keeps you going all the time.”

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Nick Lahr, Summer Crush athlete.

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“You look at someone and say, hey, good job out there, whether you actually saw them or not,” said Nick Lahur. “But you can look them in the face, maybe they are tired from the event, but you know what they went through.”

Nolan Tewell.jpg

Nolan Tewell, Summer Crush athlete.

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“You know that I have these two other guys around me and have persevered,” said Nolan Tewell, one of Pagano’s teammates. “The team atmosphere will definitely challenge you more than you would do it on your own.”

CrossFit helps athletes in other areas of their lives.

“The idea behind CrossFit is to be prepared for anything and everything,” said Hansen. “We want to train people in the gym to be better outside of the gym.”

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Jessica Welch, Summer Crush athlete.

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“It’s about being 1% better and improving yourself,” said Jessica Welch. “What I love most about CrossFit is the strength and character it builds in you as a person. Who do I become as a person and what do I do when I encounter hard things in adversity? Do I have this mental strength to achieve it? the next level? “

“We’re doing something that maybe 90% of the community don’t do today,” said Lahr. “And you can feel really good about it.”

“Some people who are over 60 or 70 still do it,” Pagano said. “So hopefully I can do that too.”

“I think I’ll ride this thing until the wheels fall off,” Tewell said.

“Quality of life and longevity, that’s why we’re doing it,” Welch said.

“On my dying day, I’ll do CrossFit,” said Hansen.