Sunday Brunch: A Curated Menu To Take pleasure in Whereas Staying At Dwelling (Recipes Inside)


It’s the weekend – and that means it’s time for good food and a lot of rest. For those of you who love to sleep late on Sundays, brunch is the perfect meal to meet friends and family. Brunchs are synonyms for sweet treats, uncomplicated meals and, above all, delicious food that you can enjoy while laughing and clapping. Since it’s the weekend, it is also time for you to take a diet break and indulge in a fraudulent meal or two. Since we are in a lockdown situation, enjoying a full brunch buffet is still a distant dream. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a buffet at home with loved ones!

Taking the blocking into account, we have put together a menu with five dishes that you can prepare in no time. Plus, these dishes are easy to put in your pocket and absolutely delicious. And if you look carefully, you’ll find that most of our picks have a healthy twist on them. So what’s not to love Check out the special Sunday brunch menu.

Sunday brunch: 5 delicious recipes to try:

Mushy grape juice

Who can say no to a glass of sweet, hot and tasty grape juice? The drink is perfect for the summer and is great with a meal or on its own. The juice is filled with the goodness of grapes, and we’d be surprised if you stopped by just a glass of this lip-tasting drink. Check out the recipe here.

Mediterranean omelette

A Sunday brunch – or a brunch at all – is incomplete without eggs. Boiled, messed up, or devilishly, you can have them any way and they can be cooked up in just a few minutes. However, since this is not your usual brunch, we opted for the special Mediterranean omelette. It’s filled with nutritious ingredients like spinach, onion, olives, and oregano. Healthy and tasty, isn’t it? Follow the recipe here.

Oat pancakes

Who doesn’t love a good pancake for brunch? Since we are all focused on staying healthy amid the pandemic, we decided to add a healthy pancake recipe to the mix. You can add a touch of cinnamon or even grated apple to give the recipe a special touch.


Fresh perfect fruit

We also have something for all of our dessert lovers. Since it is summer and we are being blessed with the best fruits, we have decided that this is the perfect time to whip up fresh fruit parfait. The recipe combines fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts, and some chilled coulis to make the perfect dessert. The best part? You can prepare the dish in just under 30 minutes. Check out the recipe here.

Banana Walnut Cake

This cake is another super easy recipe that makes for a deliciously sweet treat. The cake is filled with the goodness of bananas and walnuts, which makes it a perfect choice for the family. The sweetness of the banana goes well with the distinct taste of the walnuts and creates this soft and sticky dessert. The recipe is also versatile and allows you to swap ingredients based on availability. So if you are missing walnuts, don’t be afraid to choose cashews as substitutes. Check out the recipe here.


With all of these delicious recipes in hand, we are sure that you have a happy weekend ahead of you. Enjoy.