Superb important oils you won’t have heard about but


If you own a diffuser, enjoy a room fragrance, or are interested in organic skin care, you may already be a fan of essential oils.

They are a product that has grown massively in popularity in recent years. Companies like Kotanical here in Ireland offer a wide range of oils, diffusers and handbag-friendly rollerballs.

But while scents like lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus are prevalent in spas and therapy rooms everywhere, there are others you may not be as familiar with.

Here are some lesser-known essential oils to study, along with an overview of their possible uses and benefits.


Petitgrain, which is distilled from the bitter orange tree, is often used for stress and as a natural sleep aid.

This lesser-known essential oil is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle citrus scent. It also acts as a natural toner to soothe skin imperfections. Just mix a few drops into your regular moisturizer.


Called the “Oil of Tranquility” in India, vetiver is considered a deeply relaxing essential oil.

Distilled from the roots of the tall vetiver plant, a green grass native to India, it is used in some of the most popular men’s fragrances today.

Its distinctive earthy and pungent aroma should please those who prefer a less delicate and floral scent, making it a great alternative to lavender for destroying and promoting calm.

Geranium Bourbon

Geranium Bourbon is distilled from the pink flowers and leaves of the geranium plant and has a rich, floral and sweet fragrance.

This is also a great alternative to relaxing before bed or to use in a relaxing bath.

Black spruce

Black spruce with a fresh and woody aroma is a delightful essential oil that is perfect to use throughout the home.

‘Strong and grounding’, ideally balanced with lighter scents in a diffuser and to bring the outdoors indoors for those with a smaller space and instantly whisk you away into a damp, moss-covered forest.


While you are probably familiar with freshly cut or dried basil in a food sense, you may not have considered using it as an essential oil.

The basil essential oil is considered beneficial for those who suffer from sinuses or allergies. It has a sweet and earthy scent that is also spicy and licorice-like.

Just put a few drops in a pool of water and inhale gently for 5-10 minutes to clear your airways and feel revitalized and renewed.

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