‘Take into consideration your health’ to cut back danger of emergency callouts to the hills


PEOPLE are reminded to think about their fitness when they step back out to prevent an increase in emergency situations.

Cleveland Mountain Rescue encourages people to think about their current skills and fitness level when they return to the mountains after a break.

A spokesman said: “Although the government has advised that people minimize travel and stay as local as possible, we can still expect an increase in people who travel further to exercise than we have in recent months have seen.

“Our mountain rescue volunteers, like many people, are looking forward to coming back to the country. Many of our team members had only limited opportunities to get to the mountain due to the restrictions, and it will be for everyone, including us, take some time. ” We all need to think about our current skills and abilities (including fitness), anticipate the weather, and have the equipment and clothing to stay safe and enjoy the outdoors.

“So why not build up slowly? Don’t assume that you can run, run, and cycle as far or as fast as you can before locking. Perhaps it is best to start with a few shorter periods of exercise and build up gradually. ”

The team also urges people to abide by rural regulations and “respect, protect and enjoy” the environment.

It added, “It’s great for people to enjoy the outdoors and our Mountain Rescue volunteers will continue to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever they need to.”

“We are only asking for your help over the coming months by fixing avoidable problems so we can be available for emergencies. So let’s take advantage of the opportunities – get out and enjoy your exercises, but be prepared, be.” You ‘adventurous’.

“For advice on how to be safe, visit the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team website for clothing, footwear, navigation, essential equipment, cell phone use, and first aid guides.”