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Fitness celebrities love to talk about “the feeling of burn”, but for those of us with life and busy schedules it is all too easy to get burned out. Real fitness isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and the fanciest exercise machines and apps are of no use to you if you don’t use them regularly.

Fitness apps are great as long as they are paired with an actual plan that includes diet and lifestyle changes as needed. Because of this, more flexible platforms like OpenFit are finding a following among people trying to incorporate exercise into their increasingly busy schedules.

First and foremost, with an OpenFit membership, you can access classes on a range of devices, including your laptop, smartphone, or smart TV. (You can sign up for Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, or most other major streaming platforms.) This removes a lot of excuses not to get started from scratch.

Whether you need Pilates, yoga, weight training, or just a simple stretch routine, you can get them anywhere in lengths to fit any break in your routine. More than 450 classes are offered each week, many of which are grouped into structured programs that you can adhere to to help you achieve a specific fitness goal. Each one is led by live coaches to empower you and get you to the finish line.

Better still, you can fuel these workouts with OpenFit’s own recipes. Create a meal planner that is precisely tailored to your physiology. There is even a nutrition tracker available to help you stick to the plan no matter where you take your meals or what they look like. OpenFit has landed “best of” lists on the App Store and technical websites (including this one).

PCMag readers can get a three year digital subscription to the Openfit Fitness & Wellness App for $ 199.95 – 30% off the $ 288 MSRP.

Subject to price changes.

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