Tandem Diabetes Care : Elijah Hite—Athlete, Dreamer, YouTube Sensation


Elijah Hite doesn’t let diabetes stop her – not stomping on the sidewalk off-road and not playing basketball, soccer, baseball or his favorite golf.

The 11-year-old has spent most of his life with type 1 diabetes and is a professional at overcoming challenges and adapting. Elijah started with an Animas pump at the age of four and later switched to a tubeless pump, which the young athlete could of course reach with the support of his family.

From hesitant to happy

One day Shawn, a family friend and tandem team member, who met Elijah on the day he was diagnosed ten and a half years ago, suggested the idea of ​​switching to a tandem pump, but Elijah hesitated. Elijah liked the design of his current pump. Also, he was still worried when the dog held onto his hose when he was four.

“Elijah didn’t want to change,” explained mother Molly. ‘And we understood that change is difficult. He’s doing a great job but things weren’t going in a direction we felt good about … he was fine as diabetes is a serious illness but he had three consecutive A1c scores, each higher than that previous. ‘

Elijah wasn’t satisfied either. “My first experience of wearing and using a pump was great, but I kept going very high and low. My blood sugar wasn’t well controlled, ”he explains. It also made some of his favorite pastimes more difficult: “My blood sugar, especially during baseball, would go down.”

The innovative Control-IQ® and Basal-IQ® technologies for the t: slim X2 ™ pump aroused his parents’ interest. At this time they also moved in next to Shawn. This gave Elijah the opportunity to get the feeling of a tandem pump without an infusion site. He wore it as a kind of test drive.

Elijah was genuinely interested in technology and advancement, and his parents reminded him that his body awareness had improved since he was four. They were optimistic that the tubing would be less challenging, and it was a benefit that the t: slim X2 pump had a variety of infusion sets to choose from.

It wasn’t long before he said to his parents, “OK. Let’s do it.’

In October 2020, Elijah officially made the jump. He adapted with the help of some “Diabesties” friends in the diabetes community and important mentor Shawn. In November he enjoyed his newfound freedom.

“Everyone needs a Shawn,” exclaims Molly. This person, be it a diabetes advisor or a tandem representative, can be an essential part of bridging the gap in “Pump 101”.

What the family loves most about the t: slim X2 pump

Elijah’s Pump has settings for activities such as exercise and sleep that can be used to adjust basal rates and deliver automatic corrective boluses. This allows him to concentrate more on the game. “When I put my pump on the exercise setting, it makes a big difference.” When he hits or sinks a hole in a hole, he thinks a little less about blood sugar these days.

“I sleep all night now,” says Molly, who loves the “sleep” feature. “I don’t remember sleeping through the night before.”

These days, Elijah can go to bed on 200 mg / dl and only wake up in the morning on 90 mg / dl – now that he wakes up with better numbers, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Spikes after breakfast are also less likely. Molly describes the move to Tandem like many others: “It was a game changer.”

After trying a few different infusion sets, Elijah found his favorite, the TRUSTEEL, which is rigid and the least kinky. “He likes it too because he controls it,” explains Molly. Elijah found that the automatic deployment of this pod pump would scare him every time it was switched. He counted every click in anticipation and was troubled when the timing differed from insert to insert. “I was a little scared at first, but I’ve learned to be careful with my tubes,” this guy says. “I don’t even notice the hoses anymore.”

After a few months, it was time to see the endocrinologist. Elijah had achieved an impressive 6.8 in October with an A1c of 7.6. While wishing they had done it sooner, Molly wanted u to wait until her son felt ready.

“As a parent, it changes the diabetes game 100%.” Molly goes on to say that she knows the ups and downs are still possible, but are far less extreme with Control-IQ technology. When asked who she thinks is a good candidate for a tandem pump, she replied, “Anyone with Type 1 – if I was diagnosed tomorrow I would take one”.

Elijah is ready for his close-up

At Elia, his focus is on other things. He’s working hard on his own YouTube channel, Diabetic Dude, which has feel-good content and messages about diabetes awareness. “I mainly started showing people what type 1 diabetes is. It’s a serious illness, but I want to show people that I can still do everything normally. I started making more funny and funny videos. ‘He hopes his channel will be lucrative so that he can donate proceeds to JDRF, a 501c nonprofit that funds type 1 diabetes research.

“I have the feeling that he has more freedom, I have the feeling that he can be a child,” says Molly excitedly, explaining how nice it is that he can only have a popsicle with a friend when he has one want. Elijah and his family have nothing but good things to say about other diabetes devices, but Tandem has taken them to the next level in diabetes performance. They leave us this insight about Tandem: “The technology is just better. ‘

We thank Molly and Elijah for sharing their story and wish Elijah a very happy 1 year anniversary of Diabetic Dude! Check out his channel and subscribe!

Responsible use of Basal IQ and Control IQ technologies

Systems like the t: slim X2 insulin pump with Basal IQ technology and the t: slim X2 insulin pump with Control IQ technology are no substitute for active diabetes management. For example, users still need bolus for meals. Basal IQ technology is designed to predict and prevent lows. However, it cannot prevent all lows, and basal IQ technology does not predict high-glucose events. Control-IQ technology is designed to predict and prevent low and high glucose events. However, it cannot prevent all highs and lows. Control-IQ requires users to accurately enter information such as meals and periods of sleep or exercise. The Basal-IQ and Control-IQ functions are based on continuous CGM readings and cannot predict glucose levels or adjust insulin dosage if your CGM is not working properly or cannot communicate with your pump. Always use your pump, cartridges, CGM, and infusion sets as directed and check them regularly to make sure they are working properly. Always watch out for your symptoms, actively monitor your glucose levels, and manage them as recommended by your health care provider.

From time to time we may share suggestions, tips, or information about other user experiences or approaches of the tandem insulin pump to the treatment of diabetes. Please note, however, that individual symptoms, situations, circumstances and results may vary. Please consult your doctor or qualified health care professional regarding your condition and appropriate medical treatment. Please read the Important Safety Information before using any Tandem Diabetes Care product.

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