Tandem Diabetes Care : Folks Behind The Pump – Alex Riley, Software program Tester


One of the best prerequisites for working in a company like Tandem Diabetes Care is getting to know colleagues from different backgrounds. Alex Riley has had a very interesting and rewarding career path since joining Tandem and we wanted to highlight his journey. If you find Alex’s career path interesting and want to browse our current vacancies, you can do so at tandemdiabetes.com/careers.

I came to Tandem Diabetes Care in February 2020 as a CTS agent (Customer Technical Support) through a temporary employment agency. At the time, the agency recommended Tandem and I didn’t think about it much. It was a job that paid the bills and they hired. After the training, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a corporate culture that I thought only existed in movies – the staff smiled, laughed, and even hung out after work (before COVID, of course). The colleagues spoke highly of their leads and managers.

Once a month, Tandem organized ‘TBD’ (Tandem Beer Day) and we all went to a local brewery for a drink! I lived in an alternate reality that kept putting a smile on my face. While at CTS, I enjoyed the camaraderie with the other CTS agents and the relationships that were built with customers. CTS is at the forefront of the client / tandem relationship and I could see that the agents really make a difference in the client’s life. The responsibility is both difficult and rewarding.

Looking for growth opportunities, my supervisor Kyle Sylvia (a big thank you to him; he’s amazing and has Mother Teresa’s patience) shared the internal job notification board with me. I noticed the position of software testing and its focus on looking for bugs in small teams. It looked like an opportunity for growth and sounded fun so I applied. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of support and assistance I received when considering a new role at such a large company.

Tandem takes care of us and in return offers professional and unmatched customer service. There seems to be an infinite amount of opportunity and growth. Plus, the benefits are unmatched. The job that was once a stepping stone to a paycheck has grown into a career choice that I share with friends and family while grinning from ear to ear.

My advice:: Training is difficult no matter what career path you choose, but the rewards go well beyond the fight. Stick to it. At Tandem, the pay is good, the culture, the company and the colleagues are exceptional.

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