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Do you ever see someone on Instagram and think, why is your skin so good? We do it so we started asking. Welcome to Why is your skin so good?

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Telsha Anderson is the founder, owner, and buyer of ta New York, which opened last year. At a time when cool, fashion-conscious boutiques are closing across town, ta offers a counterexample: a brand new boutique in the Meatpacking District with brands like Barragán, Rosie Assoulin and William Okpo. It might feel like a step backwards, but not because Anderson’s tastes are so modern and diverse.

Your approach to skin care is equally diverse. Ask about her routine and she will tell you about the many different, smaller routines she relies on throughout the day. There are her routines “Get out the door” and “Put your money to bed”, both two-step plans to get pampered as quickly as possible. Then there are her “Treat Treat” and weekend routines designed for those moments when she has more time and can sneak in extra steps like decadent body oils and face masks.

Anderson says she went through various stages of skin care for years. “I got deeply immersed in the ‘wash and go’ phase (when I was using Cetaphil and nothing else), the ‘I’ll use whatever my boyfriend uses’ (which forced me to do Neutrogena makeup weekly) -Wipes to go through) and the “that’s cheapest” phase, “she says. “I think phases are important simply because they create an understanding of what isn’t working.” She’s finally got to the point where she knows how to care for her delicate skin, which is dry in winter and oily in summer. With a wedding ahead of her – she got engaged in December – she plans to double the products she already loves.

Your biggest fight these days is taking care of your diet. “I love ginger ale and other fast food options. So wherever I indulge in the cravings I have this week, there will be a blemish on my skin, ”she explains. “The biggest learning curve, frankly, was how important it is to incorporate fruits, vegetables, and water into my lifestyle as it really helps to balance your skin and replenish it from the inside out.”

Below is a look at the products she loves including the $ 5 body lotion that helped with her stretch marks, the tool she learned from Tracee Ellis Ross, and the spot treatment she has been using since she was 18. Year of life has not failed.

Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower Body Wash

“When I’m not using Dove Soap Sensitive Skin Bars, I like Frédéric Malles Carnal Flower Body Wash. It smells like a flower arrangement and makes me cleaner than most body washes. It was in a gift basket that I received over the holidays. I usually don’t wash my body because I have sensitive skin, but I couldn’t resist the smell. “

MUTHA body oil

“After showering, I either use the Cowshed Replenish Bath & Body Oil and / or my new favorite product, MUTHA Body Oil. It was given to me a month or two ago and I couldn’t take it off. My favorite thing about body oil is its consistency and texture. Fortunately, it’s also hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, which to me is worth every penny. MUTHA Body Oil is packed full of essential vitamins and 100 percent vegetable seed oils. There’s nothing like applying a fresh coat of body oil after a long day and a good shower. “

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, 13.5 oz.

“I’ve been using this since I got out of the womb. My mom lathered me in cocoa butter every night before bed and it felt like I was putting on fresh silk pajamas. I know everyone in my family uses it. And surprisingly, it helped a lot with my dark spots and stretch marks too. “

Eve Lom Cleanser 3.3 oz

“I keep using this detergent because it contains cloves, eucalyptus, hops and Egyptian chamomile. The mix of ingredients creates an incredible smell and feels good on my skin. It also makes my skin softer and lighter than any other cleanser I’ve used.

“I’ve been using Eve Lom products for three years and I still have no complaints. When I was in public relations prior to ta opening, I was working for the company she represented. Like everyone in the office, I tried the product and fell in love with it. I remember going into the office and hearing different women from different backgrounds and with different skin types and tones rave about the product. It was exciting to work closely with a brand that I wanted to use every day and to work with women who felt the same way. “

Éminence Organic Skin Care Probiotic cleanser for clear skin

“When my skin isn’t working together, I use Éminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser for a few weeks to lighten my skin and remove major blemishes. The Éminence cleanser is a cream gel for oily skin, which is my skin type 50 percent of the year. I stole the detergent from my sister a few years ago and didn’t return it. When I started using the product I was intrigued by the color (it’s purple) and the smell, which I think has something to do with the cucumber juice that is the main ingredient in it. I don’t have acne-prone skin, but when I get a blemish, it attacks it directly and quickly. “

Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner

“I’ve used a variety of toners throughout my life and my ultimate favorite is the Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner with saw palmetto and mint, which reduces shine and removes excess oil. I hate it when my face looks extra shiny especially on hot summer days and this gives my skin a dull look. For a while I wasn’t sure the importance of using toner, but a few years ago I learned that toning removes the last trace of dirt in your pores after washing your face. Since then, I’ve used it mornings and evenings with a fresh cotton pad. “

Dr.  Barbara Sturm Dark Skin Tones Hyaluronic Serum

“After a thorough facial cleansing and toner, I use Dr. Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum for darker skin tones. I have Dr. First met Barbara Sturm because she had a pop-up shop in Soho. I hesitated to use serums for a while because I wasn’t sure how they would work on my skin, but Dr. Sturm cleared all my fears. It’s on the expensive end of beauty products, but I believe in beauty investing and this is high on my list. I use it a lot and it helps tremendously with the dark spots on my face that stem from previous blemishes. “

Circumference Active Restorative Moisturizing Cream

“As for the moisturizer, I’m excited about the Active Restorative Moisturizing Cream by Circumference. As we entered the colder months of the year in the middle of quarantine, my skin dried out. I started looking for a product that was both rich and heavy in texture, and this cream was heavenly.

“I was introduced to the brand by an old friend who works for them as a freelancer. She gave me the cream and raved about how amazing it was. The glass took about four months – it’s bigger than expected. It provides instant, long-lasting relief for dry skin and uses a blend of bioactive botanicals including prickly pear oil, marula oil, and snow mushroom extract. “

Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil

“Face oils also help me in the colder seasons. My best friend and I have an ongoing debate about whether to apply facial oil before or after the moisturizer, and I believe it will continue afterward. I always try to tell her that the facial oil works last because it is of course the heaviest product in daily skin care. Not only is this one from Eve Lom thick but it also has an amazing smell and gives my skin the daily boost of shine it deserves. “

Eve Lom Radiance Transforming Mask

“I’ve had the Eve Lom Radiance Mask for a while and I’m still amazed at the effectiveness and consistency of the product. I also lean towards everything Eve Lom has to offer because it’s a brand I’m comfortable with and that is showing proven results for me. “

Origins Active Charcoal Mask to cleanse the pores

“I’ve been using Origins for as long as I can remember, and they have the charcoal mask that goes undefeated. I’ve been using it since I graduated from college and it dries up any last minute mistakes. I usually put the charcoal mask on my face for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. A good skin care enthusiast cannot survive without his or her tools. “

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate facial massager

“A couple of Christmases ago, I bought my mother an Estée Lauder golden jade roller that she never used. It’s been mine since then, and I’ll be using it at least two or three times for about 15 minutes a week while checking email. I first realized Jade Rolling was a thing when I saw Tracee Ellis Ross use one in her Instagram stories on the set of Black-ish. I recorded her story on the screen and saw her go in different directions, but mostly up and down, starting on her cheeks, and now I’m doing the same thing. “

m-61 PowerSpot Blemish Lotion

“When it comes to spot treatments, I use PowerSpot Blemish Lotion from m-61. It’s incredible and I am convinced that it has the same magical powers when I was 18 years old. “

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