The 5 Finest Child Therapeutic massage Oils


If you are wondering what the best baby massage oils are, says dermatologist Dr. Karan Lal, DO, Romper that parents should look for food-grade oils because they are non-toxic if accidentally ingested (because we cook with them). Dr. Lal particularly suggests sunflower, grapeseed, and coconut oils and recommends avoiding aromatic and massage oils with added scents, which he believes can cause dryness and irritation. (“If it smells good – it’s probably not good for your baby,” he says.) Unless you’re using a food-grade oil, avoid the area around the eyes and do a patch test on your baby’s inner upper arm and then wait 72 hours before using the oil on it.

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Although you should be careful with the oil you use, Dr. I found that there are many benefits to massaging. In addition to moisturizing the skin (something babies often need because they weren’t born with a mature skin barrier), oils are especially helpful when performing a massage as they reduce friction. “The benefits of massage in babies mimick the benefits in adults. Human touch releases hormones such as oxytocin that help relax the provider and the person being touched, ”says Dr. Lal. He adds, “I remember being a baby and a young child and having massages from my grandmother. In India, parents and grandparents massage their babies shortly after they are born. “Treat your little one to a safe and satisfying massage with one of the best massage oils for babies.

1. The best pure coconut oil

Like all of the oils on this list, Sky Organic coconut oil is made without fragrances, additives, or preservatives – you only get 100% virgin coconut oil in this bottle. Unlike the coconut oil you’re used to in your kitchen, which stays in a solid form at room temperature, this fractionated oil remains a liquid that some people find easier to work with, especially when doing massages. It comes in a 16-ounce bottle with a pump-top dispenser, another handy feature that makes it perfect for giving massages without spilling oil all over the place.

2. The best pure sunflower oil

If you prefer sunflower oil, grab a bottle of Maple Holistics 100% Pure Helianthus Annuus Oil (also known as Sunflower Oil). Not only is it a soothing and effective moisturizer, but sunflower oil can benefit even children with eczema as it can reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier. This comes in a smaller 4 ounce bottle so it may be more convenient to keep it in a diaper bag, but it does not come with a pump top dispenser.

3. The best pure grape seed oil

Another pure, undiluted option is this cold-pressed grape seed oil from Brooklyn Botany. This vitamin-rich, fragrance-free oil is a great choice for keeping skin hydrated without the risk of irritation. In fact, I have been told to use food-grade grapeseed oil when cooking for my food-allergic child, as it is usually well tolerated even by people with severe skin sensitivities and food allergies. Antioxidant-rich grapeseed oil has many other benefits as well. Like sunflower oil, it can also help soothe skin inflammation and also has antimicrobial properties. You get 16 ounces of oil in this bottle, complete with one of these handy pump-top dispensers.

4. The best blend of oils for babies

Coconut Essentials Coconut Baby is a mix of all of Dr. Lal: coconut oil, sunflower oil and grapeseed oil. This makes it a great, nurturing option for baby’s dry, sensitive skin. However, it doesn’t contain anything else – no fragrance, fillers, or preservatives. This product will freeze at lower temperatures so you will need to scoop it out of the tub rather than pumping or pouring it.

5. The best certified organic oil blend

The Honest Company’s organic body oil is another great choice for diaper bags. It’s a nice, light blend of sunflower, coconut, olive, jojoba, and avocado oils, as well as gentle plant extracts like marigold and chamomile. Because this absorbs so quickly, it’s also a great option for adults who want a post-shower moisturizer that doesn’t make them feel sticky or greasy. This blended oil has been certified organic by the USDA and does not contain any added fragrance or synthetic fillers. It comes in a convenient express bottle that holds 4 ounces of product.

Also take into account

If you’d prefer to use a food-grade cooking oil (like this grapeseed oil or this sunflower oil) to massage your baby, pour them into a handy flip-top bottle rather than having a slippery glass bottle in your room. Keep one of these near the changing or bathing stations so you always have some oil on hand for relaxing massages.


Dr. Karan Lal, DO, dermatologist at UMass Memorial Medical Center and chairman of the Marketing Committee for the Society of Pediatric Dermatology